Natalie Claro brings her versatile songwriting to Women that Rock at The Knit on 11.29

Natalie Claro’s music is a menagerie of influences – her full length debut Disconnect is a fluid collection of songs equal parts garage, singer-songwriter, and folk, with additional nods to electronic R&B and classical piano composition. It may sound like a lofty undertaking for a single record, but Claro’s strength comes primarily from her ability to channel a variety of genres into a cohesive, exciting sound, one united by her explosive vocal performances. Throughout Disconnect, Claro shows that she’s equally comfortable hollering with an acoustic guitar on “Mountains” (streaming) as she is interpolating elements of Für Elise on “Interlude The Disconnect,” while still finding time to croon against colder, moodier synths on “Blood” and album closer “Poor Boy.” Today’s musical landscape frequently pushes artists into comfortable shticks and niches, and Natalie Claro’s decision to circumvent the norm is fearless and admirable.

Claro will perform at the upcoming Women That Rock show, supporting Starbender alongside Scarlet Sails and Astra The 22s. Until then, stream Disconnect below. –Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)