Driftless Pony Club wins Deli Chicago Best of 2011 Fans’ + Readers’ Poll!

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After almost 2 weeks of voting open to readers and fans, indie rockers Driftless Pony Club (pictured) emerged as the winners of our Chicago Best of 2011 Fans’ + Readers’ Poll – congrats to the guys! The most rocking pony club in history had definitely a great 2011, and this is a nice way to start the new year. Kudos also to sexy industrial-pop-rockers i:scintilla and roots rock advocates The Steepwater Band, who placed respectively second and third. The overall results of the Chicago year End Poll for Emerging Artists – including the votes from jury and open submissions – will be released soon.

1. Driftless Pony Club

2. i:scintilla

3. The Steepwater Band

New England

The Milkman’s Union wins the Deli’s Best of New England 2011 Fans’ Poll, Followed by BrightNight and Oldjack

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After 12 days of voting, the fans have spoken and The Milkman’s Union from Portland, ME came out on top. Having been named the deli’s New England band of the month back in April, these guys never cease to impress us. With folksy beginnings, they’ve leaned more toward an indie rock sound, with a countrified twist, recently on the Telos EP. And of course there’s the phenomenal Texas Hold Me 7" featuring a collaboration with Brunswick, ME native Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. This band works their asses off perfecting their unique sound, constantly coming up with new material and they always seem to be playing gigs out on the road. With drive and passion like theirs, we predict big things on the horizon for The Milkman’s Union, and we can’t wait.


Boston’s BrightNight came in a very respectable second place in our Fans’ Poll. Brothers Peter and Eric Gollands are the founders and backbone behind the band. That said, BrightNight, whose debut album, Colderaire, came out in 2011 showcase a succinct, sharp and tight group of musicians. Their brand of alt rock is catchy, moving and fun. Their sophomore album is due to come out later this year.


Oldjack were the third place winners in our Fans’ Poll. These guys put on some of the most fun, loud and intense shows in Boston. They always seem to have more and more musicians in their band (currently there are about 8 or 9 members) but the more the merrier as it just adds to their balls-to-the-wall energetic vibe. Stay tuned for more from this band, they’re currently working on their first full-length which we hope will be out soon.

Big kudos also to The Mallett Brothers Band and Tan Vampires, respectively 4th and 5th.

The overall results of our Year End Poll (including jurors’ and Deli writers’ votes) will be released very soon, stay tuned!

–Chrissy Prisco


From the NYC Open Blog: Bird Courage releases “A Promising Flee” EP

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Mellow folk duo Bird Courage returned to Brooklyn after 4 months to release their new EP "A Promising Flee"with a show at Spike Hill on january 29. The album is emotionally and vocally charged and introduces an abstract theme of ‘coming of age’. – (as posted in The Deli’s Open Blog – post your band’s entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli’s NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building and APS Mastering.


Best of 2011 for emerging artists: Results + Schedule

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Deli Readers,

Here’s summary of the progress of each one of our 11 regional Year End Polls for Emerging Artists. Due to high number of NYC submissions we organized that scene’s results by genre.

01.27.2012 – Austin Submission Results Announced  
01.17.2012 – Portland OR Submission Results Announced 

*** See below for results full list and schedule ***

A big thank you to our sponsors for supporting our poll and providing prizes to the winners!


Submission Results + Readers Poll – Final Results: February
Submission ResultsReaders Poll – Final Results: coming soon
Submission ResultsReaders Poll – Final Results: coming soon
Submission ResultsReaders Poll – Final Results: coming soon
Submission ResultsReaders Poll – Final Results: coming soon
Submission ResultsReaders Poll – Final Results: coming soon
– Open Submission Results:
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Readers Poll Results
Final Results
Submission ResultsReaders Poll – Final Results: coming soon
Submission Results – Readers Poll – Final Results: early February
Submission ResultsReaders Poll – Final Results: coming soon

The Deli’s Staff


Noise Rock from Chicago: Bad Drugs

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Stepping out into the numbing Chicago air after a Bad Drugs show you start to notice the sweat freezing all over your body, and you think to yourself "What the fuck just happened in there?" It was all over in a flash and you could barely hear yourself think over the vocals grinding through the crash of guitars and the relentless slamming of the drums. Kyle Reynolds may be in a few bands around town, but there is no doubt in my mind that Bad Drugs is the one that opens the flood gates to his aggression. No matter how disoriented everything may seem while surrounded by professional slam dancers, there is no need to worry because these guys definitely have their created chaos under complete control. – Michael H 


Artist to Watch: Bikos

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In a city that is obsessed with image and fame, it is always refreshing to find something that breaks the mold, and Culver City-based sextet, Bikos, does just that. Led by Gabriel Pearlman, the art-punk outfit creates raw, unadulterated tunes that drip with genuineness. I’m sure, like most bands, the six-piece strives for the ability to make music a career, but it is clear from first listen that its members have no intention to exchange musical integrity for success—they play from the heart, and they have fun with it.

This is apparent in every track that comprises Bikos debut release, Make Your Sound Sound. Pearlman’s wailing croons bare resemblance to the likes of David Byrne, and when he duets with vocalist/co-lead Miki Burton, you could swear you were listening to The B-52’s. Influences aside, this is not a copycat band. With six members, each brings something new to the table, resulting in a record that ranges in sound textures.

Just take the album’s first two singles, “You Want It,” and, “That is Mine.” The former is a rickety, fast-paced anthem led by staggering guitars and Pearlman’s and Burton’s clamorous shouts, and the latter, clocking in at just under five and a half minutes, takes more of a muddy, instrumentally focused approach—vocals don’t kick in until about the two-and-a-half-minute mark. From first listen, it’s hard to identify the songs as the same band, but after multiple spins, it’s apparent they have the same core.

This musical range is what’s going to set Bikos apart from other acts in its genre, and I look forward to see what 2012 brings its six loyal members. For now, a follow-up EP is in the works, and the band has a slew of local shows coming up (listed below). You can stream Make Your Sound Sound in its entirety here. – Katrina Nattress

Bikos LIVE:

Friday, 2/3 – Taix
Tuesday, 2/7 – The Echo
Friday, 2/10 – Lot 1
Thursday, 3/1 – Silverlake Lounge
Saturday, 3/10 – Cinema
Saturday, 4/7 – Cinema 


Free Download: “Exorcism” – Power Animal

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One of our faves, Power Animal, debuted today the title track from their forthcoming tape Exorcism via No Fear of Pop. The album will be co-released by Crash Symbols and the band’s own label/charitable non-profit organization Human Kindness Overflowing on February 21. All profits from digital sales will be donated to Philabundance, a local charity organization that provides food to the needy in the area. You can take a listen and download the song “Exorcism” below. Enjoy!


New Track & Music Video: “Southern Place” – Gracie

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Below is a hypnotic new track and music video from Gracie called “Southern Place.” The song will appear on his upcoming EP Treehouse (due out February 7 via Small Plates Records). The video was directed, shot and edited by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson of Feel Good Lost. Gracie will be performing this Friday at Johnny Brenda’s with Snowmine and Tours for WXPN’s Philadelphia Bandcamp Hunter Series.

Gracie – Southern Place from Feel Good Lost


Congrats to Asaad for Winning the The Deli’s Best of Philly 2011 Fans’ Poll – Followed by Great View of the Moon & Chipocrite!

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Congrats to Philly-raised emcee Asaad for winning our Best of Philly 2011 for Emerging Artists Fans’ Poll! Living by the motto “both feet on the ground, touching the sky,” the “peaceful warrior” has battled his way to the top repping the #DIRTYMIDDLECLASS, which is his new album that you can download for free HERE. Also look out a new EP coming soon!
Our polls are designed to help indie artists gain more exposure, and electro acoustic pop duo Great View of the Moon came out of nowhere putting themselves on the radar. The group is made up of Ryan Stapleton and Ian Miller, and they succeeded in the difficult task of winning over our Deli Editors to advance past the Open Submission phase and rallying their fans to take runner-up. Kudos!
Chipocrite a.k.a. Paul Weinstein (former bassist of local jamtronfusion outfit MJ Project) came in a very close third this year. The 8-bit advocate represented his genre proudly in 2011. We expect to hear much more from the Game Boy-obsessed sound artist in the future.
Thanks to all who participated! Look out for the overall results of our Year End Poll (which includes Jurors’ and Deli Writers’ votes) coming very soon so stay tuned!

Golden Gardens Give Tunes a Dreamy Treatment on “The Covers”

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They say a great cover is one that does something new with a song, without destroying its essence. Otherworldly shoegazers Golden Gardens did just that on their six-song EP, The Covers, released in December, despite a selection of songs that isn’t exactly intuitive. Golden Gardens’ greatest talent lies in their ability to create dreamscapes out of soundscapes, something that serves them well as they take on other artists’ works – after the first track, it’s easy to forget that these are songs you’ve heard before. The band interprets the songs of Creepshow, Morrissey, Red House Painters, Tears for Fears, Hole and Julee Cruse, with each piece receiving the same gauzy treatment typical of the band’s original material. Every listen creates a different sub-universe built on rippling guitar play and careful percussion. The dream-pop duo defy all skepticism and cover Hole successfully – on “Violet”, Audrey Bramble achieves the perfect tone, translating Courtney Love’s anguished howls through her own diaphanously pure vocals. Bramble and bandmate Gregg Neville released their first full-length album, Between the Siren and the Amulet, last August. With Neville’s recent relocation to Seattle, the band is looking forward to more shows in the city, starting with a March 4 appearance at The Crocodile.

– Kate Shepherd