Party down West Coast style with The Flavr Blue

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There’s a certain vibe that comes to mind when people think of the West Coast, aesthetically and sonically. For many people in other parts of the country, the West Coast is basically just southern California; what’s produced is thought to be heavily influenced by endless sunshine, palm trees and warm beaches. But despite being tucked away in this northwest corner there’s still pretty good representation of what the West Coast sounds like, particularly with The Flavr Blue.

Since 2011, The Flavr Blue has mixed electronic influence with a mellow R&B manner of vocals. They’ve got quite a few releases under their belt, but one of the bangers of the year was the trio’s early summer track “Top Down,” a song perfect for that evening turn up.

Considering the fact that New Year’s Eve is the biggest turn up of the year, head over to Q Nightclub to see The Flavr Blue do a DJ set. VIP tables for the night are sold out, but there’s still admission tickets if you’re trying to roll through. 

New England

Speedy Ortiz headlining NYE bill at Allston’s Great Scott

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For those of you scrambling to find something fun on New Year’s Eve, look no further than Allston’s Great Scott. Indie rock sweethearts Speedy Ortiz will ring in the New Year in the staple music venue, along with accompanying acts Ted Leo, Sammus, and Wendy Eisenberg. Speedy Ortiz, originally from Northampton, broke ground in 2015 with the critically heralded Foil Deer. Listen to the band’s newest single, “Screen Gem”, below. –Charley Ruddell

New England

“Hold On” is the heavy new music video from hip-hop group STL GLD

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STL GLD, a Boston based hip hop duo comprised of rapper Moe Pope and producer The Arcitype, put out a heavy new video for their single “Hold On”, dramatically depicting three different instances of recent Police Brutality. “Hold On” comes from their sophomore album Torch Song, which won “Album of the Year” at the 2017 Boston Music Awards. Check out the video below. –Charley Ruddell

New England

Boston pub-rockers The Dirty Truckers release new single “Like Him”

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The Dirty Truckers have been putting out music since the early 2000s, performing their own brand of rowdy, beer soaked pub rock, reminiscent of The Replacements and other barroom mainstays. “Like Him”, their newest single since 2012, follows the Truckers template of high energy rock and roll, raspy vocal lines, and catchy hooks that anybody could sing, despite their BAC. “Like Him” is accompanied by another new Truckers song, the rootsy, mid-tempo Americana ballad, “Boston Wrangler”. Check out the tracks below. –Charley Ruddell


Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme want to do NYE the right way

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 *photo credit: Jordan Inglee

Big bands are the best for massive celebrations. The energy they bring to the stage and to the crowd is integral for bringing vibrancy to any party, if they’re good at what they do, which is why it makes total sense that Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme are hosting two New Year’s Eve celebration shows. Both of them are even sold out.

Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme run deep with their band members and hopefully all 10+ of them will be present as they takeover the Tractor Tavern on 12.30 and 12.31. Unfortunately, those who wish to spend New Year’s Eve with the supergroup and Bread & Butter, the lively supporting for the NYE’s set, won’t have much luck. The biggest weekend of the year, since we’re all so excited to see it off, is sold out. 

Try your hand at experiencing some of the exuberance from the sidewalk but either way, it’ll be guaranteed drunk fun.


Explode int the new year with Explode Into Colors

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 *photo by Dawn Riddle

Portland felt #blessed in its own little way when Explode Into Colors reunited last year. There’ve been bursts of excitement on their end by way of a couple shows here and there since their reunion, but the next two nights are where the real party is going to be at.

The New Year’s Eve weekend is going to be lit with two nights of colorful sets by them, as presented by XRAY.fm, but the supporting acts of each night are sure to provide some turn up as well. The bill for the 12.30 show includes the experimental cumbia of Sávila and grooves spun by Daniela Karina. NYE itself is tinged with r&b and hip hop, with soulful vocals and dancing from vocal and producer collaborators Maarquii + Jvnitor and a guaranteed sultry set from songstress Blossom.

Tickets are still available, so add one or both of these shows to your NYE itenerary. 


A pre-NYE party with Ethereal Sea and more

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It’s pretty much a general consensus among everyone who paid attention to the excess of crap that happened this year that 2017 can’t fuck right off. Seeing as New Year’s Eve celebrations are a big deal in Portland there’s plenty of opportunity to say that sayonara we all seek, but for New Year’s Eve eve? There will be some "heavy music for heavy times," as advertised. 

At the Kenton Club on 12.30, the purveyors of such heaviness range in their sonic density without fail, each elevating their sounds from a foundation of psych. Eugene’s Sacred Trees involve hypnotic swirls of sound hazed by unrefined airs of lo-fi garage, while Robots of the Ancient World offer straight up stoner rock. Menin gets a little bit harsher will doom laden riffs, and Ethereal Sea embody facets of each, melding stoner, doom, psych and garage into a pretty powerful force.

Get the pregame started a night early.


Q.D. Tran’s Favorite Philly Albums of 2017

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We are here once again at The Deli Philly’s final post of the year. It’s been an honor getting a chance to share new music with all of you this past year (and nearly a decade), and I look forward to continuing to discover the best of Philly’s underground music community with you. And without any further ado, here is my “Best of” year-end list for my favorite Philly albums of 2017. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Much love – cheers!

Q.D. Tran


1. Raw Rock Fury (Relapse) – Ecstatic Vision

Ecstatic Vision weren’t joking when they decided to name their latest album, Raw Rock Fury. There are few, if not any Philly releases that can match the pure intensity and glorious shredding found on my favorite local release of 2017. And it also provides you a glimpse into the awesomeness of their live performances.

2. Rocket (Domino) – (Sandy) Alex G

With Rocket, Alex Giannascoli proves that all the adoration from the media for the young songwriter is certainly not unfounded. Using the guise of an Americana framework, he is able to craft wonderfully intimate campfire songs that make left turns at all the right places.


3. Veblen Death Mask (Kill Rock Stars) – Taiwan Housing Project

Veblen Death Mask is music without boundaries – so chaotically beautiful!

4. Need to Feel Your Love (Wilsuns RC) – Sheer Mag

All riffs and vocals – garage-punks Sheer Mag make their retro-fit sound oh so good. Rock ‘n’ roll is not dead.

5. Out in the Storm (Merge) – Waxahatchee

Waxahatchee’s earnest songwriting speaks right to the heart, and it’s hard to ignore.

6. My Idols Are Dead + My Enemies Are In Power (Self-released) – Lushlife

7. Messy (Self-released) – Curtis Cooper

8. Play “The Songs You Like” (Salinas) – Radiator Hospital

9. Oh, My Heart (Lame-O) – Shannen Moser

10. Soft Sound From Another Planet (Dead Oceans) – Japanese Breakfast

11. Movie Was Bad (Self-released) – Sixteen Jackies

12. Spirits (Creep) – Julia Rainer

13. Slacker Paint (Self-released) – The Mary Veils

14. Everything Is Always in the Past (@Self-released) – Blood Sound

15. A Deeper Understanding (Atlantic) – The War on Drugs

16. We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags (Polyvinyl) – Quiet Slang

17. Tourist in This Town (Merge) – Allison Crutchfield

18. Why Love Now (Sub Pop) – Pissed Jeans

19. Shadow Expert (Carpark) – Palm

20. Let’s Be Nice – b-sides, covers & demos (Self-released) – Pill Friends

21. Birdie (Lame-O) – Slaughter Beach, Dog

22. Wilt (Self-released) – Line Leader

23. You’re So Smart (Self-released) – Joy Riding

24. Pleasure Suck (Tiny Engines) – The Spirit and The Beehive

25. Nothing Special (Honest Face) – Harmony Woods

26. Amuse-oreille, Vol. 1 (Self-released) – American Trappist

27. Grow (Self-released) – Them Jones

28. The Vernes (Self-released) – The Vernes

29. Cool and FunMadalean Gauze

30. White ReindeerLithuania

31. Tunnels (Self-released) – Vita and the Woolf

32. S/T (Self-released) – Teen Spaceship

33. Good Wind Pt. 1 (Human Kindness Overflowing) – Power Animal

34. Popular Manipulations (Fat Possum) – The Districts

35. Crime WavesMoor Mother x Mental Jewelry

36. Jumpship (Lame-O) – No Thank You

37. Palisades (Egghunt) – Eric Slick

38. Dark Web (Suicide Bong Tapes) – Dark Web

39. Sadness is a Gesture (Inherent Sounds) – Aphra

40. Motel City Honey (Self-released) – Levee Drivers


Helvetia takes on Duster tonight at Mississippi Studios

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 Helvetia has been a Pacific Northwest gem for some years now. At times experimental, Helvetia’s chill take on alternative and indie has been one thoroughly enjoyed since the band’s inception back in the mid-2000s, though none of their sounds would have come to light if it weren’t for the dissolution of another prevalent group. Helvetia came from Duster drummer Jason Albertini after the band broke up and tonight, he and the rest of Helvetia will be doing a little bit of a tribute to their catalyst act.

Though they’ve only a couple releases under their belt, Duster’s slowcore sound was a fairly important part of the late 90s. Helvetia’s set tonight, which will include participation from original Duster member Dove Amber, will include some of Duster’s tracks, though it’s not entirely confirmed which ones made the cover set cut.

Playing along with Helvetia will be Floating Room‘s moody shoegaze and the goth-pop of Deathlist


UT Kirin’s ‘Wry Side of Paradise’ is required listening for college students

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UT Kirin’s full length LP Wry Side of Paradise is unique in the sense that it describes in intimate, flurried detail exactly what it feels like to experience college (and California) for the first time. The concept album uses each song to describe a semester of the songwriter’s undergraduate career at UC Berkeley, taking the listener on a whirlwind journey that covers every experience from first love to loss of innocence to intellectual fulfillment, and everything in between. The album begins with the fast-paced and frenzied “General Chemistry” (streaming below) that opens the album up with the lines “I spent 17 years in a coma in New Jersey / and I went to high school where few people liked me / got taller, still skinny, California, no kidding / I now throw computers through windows for a living.” It is safe to say the album comes full circle when it ends on the more controlled, and somber lines “I’ll always remember the joy of not knowing / and the thrill of it all out before me / blink four times, it’s over” on the track “I Read Murakami.” This is an album to be enjoyed by anyone that felt they could’ve fallen apart in college, but somehow survived. UT Kirin plays various live shows around the Bay Area, so keep your eyes peeled. – Lilly Milman


Weekend Warrior, December 29 – 31

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Over the course of two sold-out evenings, The Districts headline the locals-only billings at Johnny Brenda’s, waving goodbye to 2017. The quartet’s evolution continues as evidenced by the band’s latest album, Popular Manipulations (Fat Possum). The group reaches new depths, while still pulling from unsheathed, emotive, narrative bookmarks, with an experienced melodic refinement. Those gravitational, guttural swings and riff-fueled stompers still resound, as the collective can push the pedal to its limits, but by the same token, attention to the details that steer the sonic ship are well attended. On Saturday’s slate they’re paired with Mannequin Pussy, whose highly energized volatility galvanizes with pop-sensibilities.  Earnestly unabashed and catchy, Permanent Body will lead things off. Meanwhile, Sunday’s affair will be set off by the groove-generating folk rockers Pine Barons, whom branch off into experimental, psych trajectories while still maintaining traditional roots. With their new album White Reindeer in tow, the sticky, rumbling sensitivity of Lithuania reinforces a weekend worthy of capping off the year.  – Michael Colavita

Damn, it’s cold! Other places to stay warm and get numb this weekend…

Johnny Brenda’s (1201 N. Frankford Ave.) FRI Matt Cappy, John Train, SAT New Year’s Eve Eve with The Districts, Mannequin Pussy, Permanent Body, SUN New Year’s Eve with The Districts, Lithuania, Pine Barons

Boot & Saddle (1131 S. Broad St.) FRI Lefty’s Deceiver, JJL, I Think Like Midnight, SUN Kississippi

Kung Fu Necktie (1250 N. Front St.) FRI Sweat Daddy/Matthew Law, Astro 8000, SAT Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Urban Resist/Dev79, Sideswipe, SUN Fame Lust

PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th St.) FRI Petal

Underground Arts (1200 Callowhill St.) FRI The Superweaks, Yankee Bluff, SAT The Great Enough, Andorra, Resilient, SUN West Philadelphia Orchestra, Johnny Showcase & The Mystic Ticket, Red 40 and the Last Groovement, Mambisa

Union Transfer (1026 Spring Garden St,) SUN Making Time New Year’s Eve: Dave P., Zillas on Acid

The Trocadero (1003 Arch St.) SUN Shannen Moser

TLA (334 South St.) FRI Boy Wonder, Chris Gennett, E-Hos, Dear Forbiden, Saint Wilde, Rachael Rota, John Gilbride, SAT Band of Brewers

The Foundry (1000 Frankford Ave.) FRI Phat Geez, Pound$ide Pop, 100Proof Yannie, Reco Havoc, Lil Nizzy, ButterKnife, Lihtz Kamraz, SAT Billy Mungus Big Band, Archawah, Camera Thief

World Café Live (3025 Walnut St.) FRI (Upstairs) Tiny Hueman, Past Life/(Downstairs) Bilal, SAT (Upstairs) Stu and the Gurus, SUN (Upstairs) Darla, Nik Greeley & The Operators/(Downstairs) Philly Bloco

Bourbon & Branch (705 N. 2nd St.) FRI Promise of Redemption, Triangle Shirt Factory, SAT Promise of Redemption, Sleepy Limbs, SUN DJ Kirsh

The Fire (412 W. Girard Ave.) SAT No Option, SUN Imperial, DJ Ha, Left Rite

MilkBoy Philly (1100 Chestnut St.) FRI Dave Patten, Luke O’Brien, Made Modern, SAT The Newspaper Taxis, Bickel Brothers

Frankie Bradley’s (1320 Chancellor St.) FRI Craig Dash, SAT Shawn Ryan

Ortlieb’s Lounge (847 N. 3rd St.) FRI Red Means Run, The Vinegar Creek Constituency, SAT Alice In Underpants: A Tim Burton Cabaret, SUN Ruby The Hatchet, Hound

The Barbary (951 Frankford Ave.) FRI Christine Irizarry & The Foolhardy, Seth Aaron, George Engel Brooks, SAT Ringtail Howitzer, Children’s Books, Pray To Keep/Afrobear

Silk City (435 Spring Garden St.) FRI Rich Medina, SAT DJ Deejay

Fergie’s (1214 Sansom St.) SAT Nero Catalano, SUN Brown Sugar

Connie’s Ric Rac (1132 S. 9th St.) SAT Menace of the Canvas, Adventure Lost

Frankford Hall (1210 Frankford Ave.) SUN Vacationer, Mo Lowda & The Humble, Commonwealth Choir

The Grape Room (105 Grape St.) FRI Vanderlyle, Luis, Free Pizza, SAT Slophouse, Hopscotch Jefferson, SUN Los Festingos

Ardmore Music Hall (23 E. Lancaster Ave.) FRI Chris Forsyth, SAT Huffamoose, Rugby Road, Transistor Rodeo, SUN Start Making Sense, Swift Tchnique

Everybody Hits (529 W. Girard Ave.) FRI Soul Glo, DJ Haram


Fruit & Flowers and Kino Kimino take over Rose Gold on NYE

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If you are still looking for a rocking way to spend new year’s eve in the city, we’ve got an exciting show filled with excellent NYC bands for you (and very few dudes involved!). Brooklyn garage poppers Fruit & Flowers will be headlining this Cape House presented bill at the Rose Gold Cocktail Lounge together with Kino Kimino, a trio that plays an intriguing blend of post punk and what we call avant-indie (a word we forged to avoid using the ever-pretentious term "experimental"). Check out the two groups’ video in the embedded compilation, and get there early to witness openers Coco Verde and Mima Good, whose tracks are also embedded below. DJ Chuck Berrio will take the party into the wee hours.