Hardcore Sex Brings Raunchy Sex Appeal & Blues Influences to Rock & Roll

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"I wan to fu** the sh** out of you"  is the opening line to the song "Down My Throat" by the provocatively raunchy blues-rock duo, Hardcore Sex. Female lead singer and drummer, Bear Ryan, pummels her drumkit as her gritty and oddly seductive vocals swirl around Grandpa Johnson’s serrated guitar sound. The Austin duo shirks the ‘bells and whistles’ of polished rock & roll to embrace a raw and primal feel that could be mistaken for early Kills or maybe even the twisted, nymphomaniac, evil twin of The White Stripes. Hardcore Sex unapologetically drags delta blues influences through a pool of sexed-out lyrics, and thick unrelenting riffs to create music that would make an escort blush. The down-home duo release their debut EP, You Greasy Devil, on November 17th and, they’ll be celebrating the same day at the Hard Luck Lounge with an EP release party for those who want to let the debauched sounds of a wanton bacchanal wash over you.

-Lee Ackerley


A Deli NYC Halloween video premiere: Sonya Glass – ‘Flicker’

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Sonya Glass’s new video for "Flicker" is the perfect opportunity to get your Halloween off to a spooky start. Well shot and featuring a comprehensible story-line, the video depicts Glass as the vengeful spirit of a haunted house, posessing the souls of all those who enter. Clearly drawing inspiration from horror films and shows like "American Horror Story," Glass and co. do their source material justice. The song matches the quality of the video as well, with Glass’s strong vocals driving the track, which lands in an intriguing noir-Americana territory. For those in the mood for something spooky to get them in the right mindset for tonight’s Halloween party, there’s no need to look any further. — Henry Solotaroff-Webber 


Sunset “National Monument”

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Sunset is the new project from Chris Broach (BRAID) and Steve Znavor (Life At Sea), both formerly of The Firebird Band. The duo recently released a video for the first single, "National Monument" from their forthcoming debut album due out in 2017.


Lucy Gucy bring a classic pop-punk energy to “So Good”

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On their new single "So Good", garage pop trio Lucy Gucy welcome one with a slap-happy attitude and an ample serving of buoyant hooks. "Time wasted never tasted so good", singer Tiffany Schirz with a bright grin that effectively conveys their spontaneous and amiable energy. It’s a lovely sentiment that reminds us to free ourselves from any complications and just enjoy the day. 


A Halloween Celebration w/Sun Ra Arkestra at JB’s Oct. 31

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While Halloween on a Monday might not offer the exciting options and visual eye-candy that this past weekend had for you, the true lovers of the best holiday of the year will always find a good time wherever they go. Tonight, don your favorite futuristic garb or what’s left of this year’s costume, and become one with the universe as the legendary Sun Ra Arkestra takes over Johnny Brenda’s for the second consecutive All Hallow’s Eve. Led by the alien alto sax of Marshall Allen, the group will undoubtedly be providing another unique experience for those adventurous souls out this evening at the beloved Fishtown watering hole. It just might the perfect wind down/get up for the beginning of this eventual work/school week. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $22 (Sold Out), 21+ – H.M. Kauffman


PREMIERE: Silver Ships – “Poor Thief of Hearts”

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On this morning of Halloween, where glum clouds mask our skies before we mask our faces at nightfall, we wake up immediately feeling the Halloween spirit. Especially after watching the new video for "Poor Thief of Hearts."

Coming to Portland by way of Austin, Tx. Silver Ships, the project name for the talented multi-instrumentalist Chazz Bessette, takes on folk pop, psych and straight up rock and roll in the style of the Beatles or Nilsson. He creates his sounds mixing conventional and unconventional instruments and tactics that add extra layers of texture to his fully at-home, analog recordings.

Let "Poor Thief of Hearts" serve as evidence of his talents, along with getting you in the mood for a day filled with all things cutely spooky. Silver Ships is having his tour kick off show this Thursday at the Liquor Store with The Reverberations and Hannah Yeun


All NYC lo-fi bill at Shea Stadium on 11.2 with Spit, BEARS, and Jack

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Brooklyn’s self-proclaimed “extra-virgin punk” band Spit (pictured) will play East Williamsburg’s very own Shea Stadium on Wednesday 11/2. October has proven kind to Spit; they’ve kept busy by playing shows at The Footlight and the Brooklyn Bazaar. Plus, they released their single “Paul Westerberg” (streaming here) as part of Heartbreaking Bravery’s A Step Forward: Vol. I compilation, from which all proceeds benefit the organization Rape Victim Advocates.

Spit will join Jack, the solo project of Brittany Costa, as well as doom folk group BEARS. This show kicks off BEARS’ East Coast Pumpkin Spice Tour, which runs from 11/2 to 11/19 and will take them from Brooklyn down to Mobile, Alabama. Head to Shea Stadium on 11/2 to see BEARS off, as well as hear great music from Spit and Jack. – Will Sisskind


Zula releases ‘Grasshopper’ LP + plays Sunnyvale on 12.15

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We kind of missed Zula‘s announcement of the release of their new album ‘Grassopper,’ out at the end of August. As we had the chance to express when we made their 2013 album ‘This Hopeful‘ our NYC Record of the Month,’ with their blend of post rock and psych pop, the quartet is one of the most interesting NYC bands to come out of Brooklyn this decade. The new record sounds like an even stronger release, more solid in both the songwriting and production departements, and also more mature in terms of personality: the group has found its voice and it’s refining it, which is what happens when talented musicians stick around in the same band long enough to hone their skill and grow musically, together – a rare sight to behold these days. Don’t miss their live show at Sunnyvale on December 15th. – Photo by Alicia Walter

San Francisco

Jacob Montague Shares New Music Project – Tsutro

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San Francisco-based artist/producer Jacob Montague has announced a new project called Tsutro, and will be releasing a self-titled debut LP February 10, 2017. The new Tsutro album—mastered by Dale Becker (Beyonce & Ryan Lewis) and drawing from a diverse collection of sounds including pop, worldbeat, future garage, ambient & downtempo—sounds at first like one band backing a new guest vocalist on each of its 10 songs. But in reality, Montague hasn’t even met most of the singers, let alone recorded with them.

"With most of the tracks," he explains, "I took a phrase or two from an existing song, then built all new music around it."

Despite the collage-like approach, Montague is hesitant to call any of the songs remixes—which makes perfect sense considering Tsutro’s unified arrangements. As much as the album relies on minimalist electronic textures, there’s an unquestionably organic connection between the instrumentation and the carefully curated vocal stems.