Miranda Dodson CD Release Show @ Stubb’s June 11th

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Pure & intimate…Miranda Dodson’s voice is like an old friend you haven’t seen in a while…familiar…refreshing & when you leave you think…"we should do this more often." Her songs are simple and pure, Alt Folk with a progressive edge. Miranda Dodson is one to remember. Miranda’s innovative folk winds through guitar strings, around vintage horns and forward-thinking synths, through wide-ranging-heart-filled vocals to turn listeners into believers. With lyrical images that reach right into the imagination, Miranda draws the listener into story and into sound. From impassioned alt-country ballads to fun head-bobbing folk-pop each track of her album "Change A Thing" stands strongly on its own but also hangs together united by collaborative creativity. With Producer Robert Harrison (Future Couds & Radar & Cotton Mather) at the helm & Lars Goransson (Alpha Rev, What Made Milwaukee Famous, The Solider Thread) sitting in as mix engineer and co-producer, this record is a true collection of artistry. A blend of folk-pop & alt-country, this record features some of Austin’s best musicians: George Reiff on bass (Jakob Dylan, Court Yard Hounds), Rick Richards on drums (Ray Wylie Hubbard), Joshua Zarbo on bass (Spoon, John Vanderslice), Derek Morris on piano (Alpha Rev)… and more! This strong rhythm section sets the foundations for a record that teams with quality & creativity… a perfect compliment to Dodson’s soaring vocals and down-to-earth lyrics.

(Ed.: this post taken from Miranda Dodson’s post on our DIY Open Blog, check out other Open Blog posts in the Deli Kitchen.)


Ladyfingers’ Wet T-Shirt Contest at Old Swede’s Church May 31

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OK, we love hearing stuff like this! You may or may not know that there are prizes that come with winning our polls besides gettin’ your own featured interview and your cute mug plastered over part of our site. Thanks to The Deli’s sponsors The Studio and Richard Morris Mastering who generously support our local music community! We are able to give our winners FREE studio and mastering time. Well, I am happy to announce that Ladyfingers a.k.a. Adam Weiner will be celebrating the release of Wet T-Shirt Contest EP with a Memorial Day BBQ at Old Swede’s Church. He recorded the EP with the studio and mastering time that he won from our poll. This gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling in our stomachs (or is that the Jameson that we just drank? ;o). Hope that you can make it out tonight and please vote in our polls – they do help up-and-coming artists in one way or another! Cheers Adam! Old Swede’s Church, Front and Christian St., 12 – 10pm (BBQ) and performance at 7pm, $10 (includes all-you-can-eat BBQ), All Ages (Photo by Pierre Villard) – Q.D. Tran



Grandchildren Lose Their Innocence Opening for Holy Fuck at JB’s May 30

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One of our favorite local bands Granchildren who played our Best of Philly showcase back in April are bringing their vibrant live show to JB’s tonight. They will bring their electro-folk compositions with intricate precision and full throttle energy in which each member can take the reigns at any point in the show. The stage setup arranged around various drums and percussions attests to the relentless polyrhythmic pulses that drive their idiosyncratic tunes. Grandchildren’s long-awaited full length Cold Warrior will be out this summer (fingers crossed) and will definitely be worth the wait. They will be opening up for impressive instrumental dance-rockers Holy Fuck who put on a pretty rad live show themselves. You don’t have work tomorrow so you have no excuses! Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $12, 21+ (Photo by Sean Flanagan) – Adam G.



Free Live Music Concert Series at Whole Foods to Take Bite out of Summer Doldrums

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I don’t know about everyone else, but the indecisive pitchiness of these cloudy skies is beginning to make The Deli Portland angry. When you leave home to run your various what have yous, do you don the rainslick? The long-sleeve? Muscle-Ts and flip-flops? The answer varies depending on the hour, and besides, man – fuck it. The only time it really comes into play is when there’s live local music outdoors involved, but with the ambivalence of Mother Nature’s wrath ever-present, the point ought not to be overlooked that June could prove to be a messy, moist month.

Leave it to Whole Foods on Laurelhurst to spit in the eye of the Doppler mega-system, when they begin the second of their summer-long weekly concert series, featuring awesome food, rad local (and not-so-local) music and hyper-instant street cred. Yesterday’s kick-off event featured Beers, Brats and Portland wunderstuds Archeology. The Deli Portland was off getting its ass kicked at ping pong handily by legendary queercore punk rocker Kaia Wilson of Team Dresch and The Butchies to make it to this first installment, but we’re certain we’ll be at most if not all of the remaining weekly shindigs.

Check out the lineup below, and pack that rainslick just in case, huh?

Sat 5th June: The Denouement plays at 4pm (earlier than other bands)

Sat 12th June: Hungry Holler plays at 5pm

Sat 19th June: The Royal We plays at 5pm

Sat 26th June: Lone Madrone plays at 5pm

Sat 3rd July: TBC

Sat 10th July: The Ocean Floor plays at 5pm

Sat 17th July: On the Stairs plays at 5pm

Sat 24th July: Leonard Mynx plays at 5pm

Sat 31st July: Super XX Man plays at 5pm

Sat 7th Aug: Hutson plays at 5pm

Sat 14th Aug: Christine Havrilla plays at 5pm

Sat 21st Aug: Matthew Lindley and Troubadour Deluxe plays at 5pm

Sat 28th Aug:TBC

[Editor’s Note: Portland bands! Notice those "TBC" dates? Why not contact Whole Foods at 503-232-6601, or even better, contact Whole Foods Marketing and Community Relations Specialist (i.e. booker) at and hop on the bill? JUST A THOUGHT.]

Ryan J. Prado


The Homophones Say Farewell at KFN May 30

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If you’re privy to the Philly extension of Yelp, then chances are that you’ve been to some pretty kick ass parties lately. It was all made possible by Yelp’s Philly Community Manager, Monica Silvestre. Well, she’s getting ready to pack her bags for a new position as the East Bay’s Community Manager. But she’s going to do it in style with a FREE party at Kung Fu Necktie featuring some kick ass music. If Jarvis Cocker traveled back in time to jam with Django Reinhardt, then the end result would be music similar to the style of The Homophones. As moody as it is melodic, their tunes are your ticket to feeling an extended sense of happy melancholy. Jason Ferraro’s somber but powerful vocals spew plenty of wit and wisdom. Yes, he might be stealing some of David Byrne’s dance moves. But why wouldn’t you? He’s the MAN. And The Homophones are absolutely entertaining! DJ Qi Command will also be spinning his mash-up style that echoes the Girl Talk mindset. When his talents merge Beastie Boys and Muse into one and fuse the hip hop stylings of The Roots with the robot dance beats of Daft Punk, you’re body is bound to wild out uncontrollably as you toast to Monica S.’s new life out West. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 Front St., 9pm, FREE, 21+ (Photo by Oliver Lopena) – Bill McThrill



The Extraordinaires Just Plain Rock at DDG May 29

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Influenced by The Muppet Show and “sexy” Asian dudes, South Philly’s The Extraordinaires have a knack for writing warm songs thematically tied to their neighborhood and daily lives. With three albums already under their belt, The Extraordinaires’ theatrical antics are easily praiseworthy, even to NPR. Armed with new members former Quantine Rabbit’s guitarist Scooter and drummer Smoker, their live performance is pure unabashed over-the-top rock ‘n roll goodness. Philly’s version of Love Language, Jay Purdy and his gang might be less polished, but they’re definitely more fun. One of Punk Rock Payroll’s best will be at Danger Danger Gallery tonight with Quiet Hooves. Danger Danger Gallery. 5013 Baltimore Ave., 9pm, $5 – $10 donation, All Ages (Photo by Brian McHale) – Dianca Potts



Happy Happy, Joy Joy, Post Post at Mar Bar May 29

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There are never too many catchy, cutesie indie pop tunes to jam out to on lazy summer evenings, especially good ones, the likes of which Post Post have crafted for your listening pleasure on their debut EP Meta Meta. But the ladies and gent are working on their follow-up so look out for more infectious material to slip into the setlist. With a sound somewhere between Mates of State and the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Post Post is a guaranteed joyous journey between love and loss (and hopefully love again). Mar Bar, 200 S. 40th St., 9pm, $5, 21+ (Photo by Neal Santos) – Katie Bennett



Dragonzord and Cranes Are Flying Live at Green Line Café May 29

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Starting out in North Jersey in 2006, Cranes Are Flying have gone through several incarnations and lineup changes until finally landing in West Philly. Now the band is a booming pulse of fast paced energy that features members of Da Comrade!. Don’t think that they’ll be completely mellowed out in the slightly more intimate Greenline tonight, because calculated songs like “Burn Me” and “Prima Ballerina” will move you to a head pounding frenzy. Joining them on the small stage tonight will be the anime influenced distorted vocals of Dragonzord. Ever since awakening from a long hibernation, Dominic Angelella and Joe Baldacci have reemerged with a new formation that features a 5-piece live band. They have also been working on an extensive list of upcoming releases, so you might just hear some new tunes to go along with the arousing brilliance of “Teen Plague” and “I Take It Back/Old Clothes”. Greenline Café, 4426 Locust St., 7pm, $5 donation, All Ages – Bill McThrill


New England

The Summer Love Show – Muy Cansado – Sun Lee Sunbeam – June 11th – Rosebud Diner

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¿Dónde está Muy Cansado? They’ve been recording a new EP for fall release. In the meantime, they will be playing a very special show with Sun Lee Sunbeam at the Rosebud Diner in Davis Square on June 11th titled The Summer Love Show. If the warm weather has got you reminiscing about 7-minutes in heaven in your friend’s parents’ furnished retro-style ranch basement, bonfires at the beach and getting drunk in the woods behind the Athletic Association, hop on over to the Rosebud Diner on June 11th. Chris Mulvey of Muy Cansado was kind enough to answer some unanswered questions for the Deli:

Deli: ¿Porque es su nombre "Muy Cansado"?

Chirs Mulvey: “Why is our name Muy Cansado?”  Muy Cansado translates to “Very Tired.”  We actually did not have the translation in mind when we initially picked the name.  We were debating a name and couldn’t agree on anything.  There was strange artwork on the wall of the rehearsal space we were in at the time from the band that had used the space before us.  We kept laughing at a picture where one stick figure was shooting another stick figure that was swinging a golf club.  One figure posed the question, “Cansado?” while the other answered, “Muy Cansado!”  We liked the picture and took the name.  

Now I enjoy that our name means "Very Tired."  Life can be exhausting.

Deli: I hear you you guys have been off the radar because you’ve been recording and mixing the past few months in preparation for a new EP to be released in the fall. What’s new with the band?

CM: Yes we have been off the radar recording and mixing.  We just finished up in Q Division with Jon Lupfer recording and mixing four songs.  Three of the four have been staples of our live set for a while – Not About A Girl, Love & Fear and Sharpshooter.  By the time this interview airs we will have recorded a fifth song, Acquaintances, with Matt Girard of The Motion Sick and Future Everybodies.  (We are recording with Matt tomorrow).  The five songs will be out on a yet-to-be-titled EP in the fall.  We’re shooting for early fall.  That’s taken up a lot of our time. 
When we haven’t been in the studio, we’ve been working on a lot of new material.  We’re hoping to hit the studio again by year’s end to record for a release next year.  Personally, I’m hoping it’s a full length, but it’s too early to speculate.  The new recordings and songs have really energized us.  We’re excited to share. 

Deli: Muy Cansado will be playing The Summer Love Show at the Rosebud diner June 11th. What exactly happens at a Summer Love show? Will there be Grease covers? Will Muy Cansado be playing any new songs?

CM: I can say that we will definitely be playing brand new songs at our next show.  As for how many, I’m not sure – at least one, possibly quite a few.  We’ve played brand new songs at each show this year.  If you haven’t caught us yet in 2010, then you’ll hear a lot of brand new stuff.  Most of what we’ll play at the Rosebud will not be off of Stars & Garters (our debut album), although we’ll likely throw a few S&G tracks in there as well. 

As for The Summer Love Show – it’s a celebration of summer love.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your take) we will not be playing any Grease Covers.  However, we will be advocating spin the bottle, truth or dare and anything else that could lead to a little summer heat.  I’m hoping at least one random couple of strangers makes out at the bar.  If that happens, then The Summer Love Show will have done it’s job.

Rosebud Bar & Grill

–The Deli Staff


Gogol Bordello climb Deli charts + play W’burg Waterfront on 07.30

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Gogol Bordello (currently #3 in our Popularity charts – orange list on the left) are the living proof that, to get big in NYC, it’s not necessary to wear skinny jeans. These guys, that look and sound like a bunch of gypsies, have slowly worked their way to become one of the most popular NYC acts. The band cooks up an exotic and flashy melting pot of genres rooted in rock, gypsy, punk, and cabaret, intensifying the international essence of NY. The group’s fifth release, “Trans-Continental Hustle,” is hyper, innovative, and busy, and the band shows no restraint as their outrageously colorful personality is thrown at listeners. Exceptional tracks include vivacious “Pala Tute,” frenetic “Mi Companjera,” tempestuous “Rebellious Love,” and tender “Sun Is On My Side,” which combine flamenco guitar, playful fiddling, and riotous rhythms to create a universally uplifting, spirited, and danceable sound. Vocalist Eugene Hütz brings an unusual style that borders on yodeling and snarling, contributing the most distinct traits to Gogol Bordello’s cross-pollination of musical genres. The band will be playing with Primus at the Williamsburg Waterfront on July 30. –Meijin Bruttomesso 


The Dirty Diamonds

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Produced by Curt Cameruci (Flosstradamus), the new ep from The Dirty Diamonds is a mixture of Passion Pit and The Jackson Five. This collection of musicians is bringing Motown to Chicago in a big way. Their ep is called Monster Ballads and it can be downloaded from UR Chicago for free.