Producers Roundtable at Brooklyn’s Bar Freda tonight!

Have you ever wondered to yourself: What the heck does a “producer” or an “engineer” even do? 

And then wondered: Why go into a “recording studio” at all? When you can so easily sing a tune into a voice notes app, power up some AI backing tracks, and wait for the accolades to pour in?

And then, when people tell you it sounds like crap, wondered to yourself: How do I choose the right recording studio for me? And how do I get the most out of my time? And what other important questions am I forgetting to ask?

Well, wonder and wander in the wilderness no longer!

…cuz this coming Thursday evening (7/27) The Deli Delivers™ will be hosting a PRODUCERS ROUNDTABLE (disclaimer: round table not included) at none other than @barfreda801 in scenic Ridgewood, Queens…

…featuring several major names in the field of recording studio operation/production/engineering ready to answer all of your questions and field of all your comments and concerns…

…plus if any of them really like your questions/comments or simply the “cut of your jib” they may offer you free studio time to create your Grammy/Juno/ARIA-winning masterpiece, I mean, no promises but hey it’s worth a shot… 

…so save the date (TODAY! TONIGHT!) and check out the panelists’ bios above, and come commingle with other curious musical colleagues who could have a thing or two to teach you themselves… (Jason Lee)

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