Winnetka Bowling League release debut EP, perform at the Peppermint on 10/1

 A fun, flashy pop-rock group has nuzzled its way into the LA music scene with the single “Feeling California”. Winnetka Bowling League has perfected the California way of life: “I don’t care if every girl at every coffee shop’s perusing acting. We can swim on Christmas. Everyone’s high and obsessed with fitness.” The upbeat group has struck a chord in my heart with their pun-ny lyrics bursting with tactful, rhythmic beats and California state of mind vibes. The visualizer video paired with this jam has artfully captured every simple but great thing about The Golden State; vintage Subaru’s, RC Cola, the beach, and being high (on life, duh). I don’t know about you, but after this song, I am definitely feeling California, too. Kayla Hay

Catch Winnetka Bowling League perform at the Peppetmint on October 1st.