Total Recluse unwind on dreamy, psych-pop informed “West Coast”

Something about saying the words "West Coast" immediately invites a welcome setting. Even when it has such a broad descriptor, it also requires no further explanation, even to an Angeleno like myself who sometimes takes the natural pleasantries this city offers for granted. That’s a feeling Silverlake-via San Diego musician Richard, who goes by Total Recluse, wants to evoke on "West Coast."  The dreamy, psych-pop informed single – which has a homespun quality to the recording – unfolds like a memory that is filled with wistful longing. It also has a timeless quality that seems ripe for any season, especially as the winter approaches.

"West Coast" is the lead single off of Total Recluse’s latest EP, Coastal Lows, which is out now via his official soundcloud page. Juan Rodríguez

Photo credit: Joanna Suhl