The Social Stomach

Creating something unique and inventive, while also maintaining a steady sense of self, is one of the greatest challenges any artist will face. Not only does The Social Stomach step up to the plate, they do so with a fiery attitude unlike any other. This past June they released a split cassette with Sea Moss on Crash Symbols. Each song on the tape is dripping with derisive anger. It infuses their music with intensity and passion. “Crawling Monsters” would give any metal head whiplash. Spitting out “bless the gutters with their holy water,” the vocals hit each note the way a bat smashes streetlights. The electric guitar dissolves into a wailing, screeching hysteria. Each song is just as passionate as the last, never disappointing.
The Social Stomach will be at the Black Water September 26th, along with Caustic Touch, Missionandry, and Body Shame.

By Nick Hartman