The Deli Philly’s December Record of the Month: 100% – JUICE

JUICE is a fledgling outfit of “four freaks freakin’,” featuring members of Louie Louie, Dark Web, and Ursula. What originally surfaced as demo recordings has now turned into the band’s debut label release, 100% (Get Better Records), and The Deli Philly’s December Record of the Month.

A menacing bass rumbles before the snap of snare and clamor of guitar intermingle with warbly, spooky accents of keys to form the blood-racing, heart-pounding backdrop of “Body Machine”. The unrelenting, instrumental combination instantly induces one to gyrate uncontrollably, before its mantra-esque vocals are injected into the mix. The EP’s opener hits quickly, leaving a lasting impression as it rushes to an abrupt demise, crackling into “For Plants Hanging”. Keeping the raw, primal beat, we are once again off to the races as angular guitar riffs morph into a more danceable groove, a kin to legendary music pioneers Devo, toeing the line between basement punk outfit and post-punk art-rockers.

“Headache” builds off its slow, military march of drums and the sludgy ring of chords, making way for a chaotic melee of gang vocals to ensue, inviting you to join in. A doorway to the underworld is unlocked, pulling you down beneath the surface. A last ditch attempt is made to escape, which doesn’t seem to end well. Wading in the muck and mire of uncertainty, “Highway” captures the desolation of the road, with our journey ending in a fade out of feedback and noise.

Clocking in at approximately fifteen minutes, the brief introduction to JUICE is a memorable and enjoyable one. Now, the wait begins to hear where the “freaks” will take us next. – Alexis V.