Soul songwriter MELD launches Kickstarter for debut LP

Having released her debut EP H.U.R.T. in 2017, soul fusion singer-songwriter Melanie Dewey — known as MELD — has launched a Kickstarter to kick off recording sessions with her band for her upcoming debut LP. Dewey has performed around Nashville for a few years now, and has taken her act across ten different states and over twenty-five cities. Her hope with her music and her debut album is to help inspire more women into the forefront of soul music and to show that eclectic musical elements can jam well together when put together the right way. With her Kickstarter, Dewey hopes not only to cover all the costs for her band, the studio time, and the other production expenses, but also to build a record that will allow her to share her voice beyond anywhere she’s ever shared it before. You can view the campaign page here, and you can watch Dewey and the rest of MELD perform live at Rockwood Music Hall in New York below. – Will Sisskind