“Slow Dancing on Pavement”: Emmett Kai Music Vid Inspired by Art House Crime Cinema

Author: Willa Rudolph

NY based artist Emmett Kai released a music video and song Friday, July 28th. The single, “Slow Dancing on Pavement”, is so sultry and a little evil, sounding a bit like the Smiths, a bit like Eyedress. Sonically, it’s a mixture of bedroom pop, post-punk, shoegaze, witch house, and hip hop.

Emmett has the invaluable talent of creating a world, characters, and new laws and logic in his work. “Slow Dancing on Pavement” is “an audio/visual expression of distrust and wrongdoing,” he writes. “The video portrays a crime duo who are on the run and while trust is made, it’s only one sided.” A cinematic journey in the form of a short film, it’s giving Quentin Tarantino, it’s giving Bonnie & Clyde, it’s giving True Romance; it’s giving Lost Highway

The video is directed by Joey Emmanuel and starring Emmett Kai & downtown designer and model Ceren Suki Yazici. When asked about the idea behind the video, Emmet explained, “My friend Joey Emmanuel, who produced this film, showed me Let The Corpses Tan one day and I fell in love with the art house vibe of crime, character development, and violence. The song was already written and we both agreed this is the perfect song for a video like this.”

“Slow Dancing On Pavement” makes your heart ache with longing. It’s meant to reflect a thrilling horror flick, “alluding to the one-sided nature of the relationship as the hook rings out “You don’t believe in us.” It’s an unrequited love song turned crime spree (see video above!)…


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