Sister Sparrow plays Femme Fetale in her new video for “Ghost”

Sister Sparrow embodies a new type of femme fatale in her new video “Ghost” – not one of a last century Bond girl, but of a 21st century woman who knows her worth, and better yet, the tools at her disposal.

Sparrow sings over the track’s chorus that she’s “gonna give you the ghost,” referring to the act of severing communication entirely with a (now former) romantic partner; this ear worm refrain is further accented in the music video by an entourage of choreographed dancers clad in black, body rolling at the costume party while the aforementioned scorned lover searches the room for Sister Sparrow as she evades him through the crowd. As the scene concludes, Sparrow’s ex-bae turns around to find the party has disappeared entirely, transitioning the subject matter from figurative to literal in a Gone Girl-by-way-of-Sixth Sense twist – fittingly spooky for the video’s release on Halloween earlier this week.

The whole production is a fun, wordplay-laden track that juxtaposes themes of modern dating with the idea of actual spirits, accented by the track’s upbeat style and playful instrumental accents. If you’re already missing last week’s scary energy, “Ghost” provides an avenue to extend the autumnal spooks as you dance your way into November. Watch the video below, and catch Sister Sparrow at Irving Plaza December 1st. -Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)