Sister duo Nalani & Sarina give indie pop a soulful twist with new LP “The Circle”

The release of duo Nalani & Sarina’s third full-length LP The Circle (May 2018) has brought these NJ-bred twins to the forefront of the DIY indie pop scene. As young songwriters, their masterful fusion of soul, rock, and mainstream pop combined with their familial ties has given their music a reputation for being both impressive as well as deeply personal. Their hit single “Young and Inexperienced” off their latest record has gained huge popularity due to its catchy folk rock influence, and has grown to be considered a representation of the millennial voice for its enlightened lyrics on post-college employment. Many of their songs have a witty storytelling charm that reflects on coming-of-age contents, supplementing their multi-faceted genre blend with meaningful and relatable lyrics. Their collaboration has fused their unique individual tastes to create music that has both traditional and contemporary roots, while gripping audiences with their appealing and accessible young flair. Check out Nalani & Sarina’s newest album The Circle on Spotify and stream their earlier recordings on Soundcloud. – Rebecca Carroll