Sean Henry plays Park Church Co-op on 11.05

Sean Henry, formally known as Boy Crush, disappeared into the ether for a few years. After this 2015 release, there was nothing new from the New York-based artist for a while. The silence came to an end this past summer, with the release of 10-track album Fink, which may make you regret those three years without new music even further. Fink has a shaggy sound to match the floppy hair of the man behind it, and it fits right in with other artists on the Double Double Whammy’s roster. It’s loose, at times sloppy, but in that endearing way that sucks you in. You can check out Henry’s vibe in person this November, as he is performing a few shots. That includes a stop at the Park Church Co-op in Brooklyn on November 5. – Chris Morgan