Record of the Month: L’Rain – self titled (Live at Sunnyvale 10.19)

Brooklyn’s Taja Cheek is an experimental singer/instrumentalist whose classical music education inspires her solo project L’Rain‘s rich, ambient sound. While creating her debut, self-titled record in 2017, Taja’s burgeoning music career was intersected by the passing of her mother Lorraine, which affected L’Rain’s lyrical content with themes centered on the subject of grief – as heard in tracks like “Stay, Go (Go, Stay)” and “Heavy (But Not in Wait)”. Her tracks, however, wander through mystifying and dreamy territories in the aim to blend morbidity with cheery effervescence. Listening to L’Rain’s is the aural equivalent of gazing into a sonic kaleidoscope composed by a multitude of synths, samples, and effects, concocting a wistful carpet blanketed with her lush, whispery vocals. You can experience the L’Rain’s poignant and dreamy music live, at Sunnyvale on October 19. -Rebecca Carroll