Rainstorm Brother releases expansive new single “If I Were the Smoke,” perform at The Hotel Café on 10/9

John Isaac Watters keeps his eccentricities at a grounded state in "If I Were the Smoke." An introspective look into a debilitated relationship, Watters – who goes by Rainstorm Brother with producer Tyler Chester – explores the reasons why Watters keeps himself at arm’s length from someone he loves. The balladeer’s gruff, yet dextrous vocal delivery, which reminds me of a younger Tim Buckley, usurps his poetic sensibilities while a murky undercurrent of modular electronics and discordant chamber arrangements spread a tenebrous ambiance. Stepping away from his former solo project, his more experimental leanings once again exalt the vast possibilities of folk music. 

"If I Were the Smoke" is featured of Rainstorm Brothers’ forthcoming EP, Pt. 1, which is out on November 9. Catch them perform at The Hotel Café on October 9. Juan Rodríguez