Primaveras blooms on “Can’t Undo my Love,” plays at The Silverlake Lounge on 10/30

James Clifford evolves on both a personal and musical level with "Can’t Undo My Love." Clifford, who now goes by Primaveras, first caught my attention in 2016 with his terrific single "2 AM Chinatown."  What once was a soft rock-informed bedroom pop project, ushered with calm reflection, now tries to capture your attention with a forthcoming embrace. He ambles with a cool confidence, taking the lusher aspects of eighties British pop and turning them into a slick, uptempo ballad which has a "driving down the PCH with the windows rolled down" kind of groove. Clifford may have released a song with a summery feel to it, but isn’t the summer a state of mind, anyway? 

"Can’t Undo My Love" is taken from Primaeras’ debut full-length album, Echoes in the Well of Being, which came out late last month. Catch him at the Silverlake Lounge on October 30. Juan Rodríguez