Pleasure Island invites listeners to kick back and relax in new EP, plays Rubulad 05.31

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take The Growlers and amp up their surf side? How about a few added sprinkles of bossa nova for the dance enthusiasts? Pleasure Island makes this a reality in their new EP Playa del Manos. The band shows its ability to channel the surf vibe with languorous guitar chords and hi-hat ebb and flows that soothe the mind. The synth ambiance created in the EP’s final track “Sunlight” (streaming) could easily have been part of your local high school’s Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. The group will be showcasing their  loungecore indie pop at Brooklyn’s Rubulad on May 31st. Get a taste for it in their new EP, streaming below. – Rene Cobar