Perusing new releases on a sunny Sunday afternoon…

photo of Zach from Dead Tooth by Yan K

Here’s some new shite served up just for you and yours on a Sunday afternoon in this Deli sampler pu pu platter of new releases prepared with love and if you love what you hear here be sure to support the artists by throwing ‘em a buck or two for a digital download or better yet drop a benjamin on that band-logo emblazened silk robe on their Bandcamp under the “drunk on mimosas on a Sunday afternoon impulse buy” tab…

01) Shannon Minor Group — “In Your Eyes” released on Friday (bandcamp)

02) Dead Tooth — “Electric Earth” released on Friday (bandcamp)

03) Tetchy — Smaller/Better EP released on Friday (bandcamp)

04) FACS — “When You Say” released back in February but still sounding good (bandcamp)

05) Romi O — “M2M” released on Friday

06) Wednesday — “TV in the Gas Pump” released last Wednesday naturally (bandcamp)

07) Kate Davis — “Long Long Long” off the Fish Bowl LP released on Friday

08) 79.5“Our Hearts Didn’t Go That Way” (feat. Durand Jones) released last Wednesday (bandcamp)

09) Lucinda Chua — “An Ocean” off the YIAN LP released on Friday (bandcamp)

10 Teenage Tom Petties — “Posters” released on Friday (b/w “My First Beer”) (bandcamp)

 (Jason Lee)