OTNES has released a new single called "BLU3" and has plans to release a full-length album via Antifragile next year.

When asked about "BLU3" OTNES had this to say; “With ‘BLU3,’ I wanted to combine the otherworldly nature of electropop textures with the grit of a live band. In my past project Emily Blue I was a big proponent of glitch sound design, and with this song being an homage and official goodbye to that project, I wanted to incorporate what sounds like a digital world breaking down and rebuilding itself into something new. This song is about committing to my inner journey, sorting through my traumas, and finding myself in the music.

The first lyric is ‘I’m ready to dive in,’ signaling that OTNES is here to explore and grow not only as an artist, but a person. I hope that others can feel the bravery and empowerment in this song, and realize that no matter how untraditional our paths might be, we will always land back at the self.’

You can catch OTNES kicking off Day One of Chicago’s Cultivate Festival which takes place August 25th to the 27th at 1800 W Lake St.