Laura Jean Anderson seeks for personal renewal in “Thinkin Bout You,” new EP out 10/12

Laura Jean Anderson’s commanding voice immediately captures your attention without a second glance. The singer-songwriter delivered a knockout performance with her powerful anthem "Silence Won’t Help Me Now," where she sent out an effective call-to-arms for those whose faith has felt compromised by cultural norms. She softens her delivery dramatically with "Thinkin Bout You," but it’s no less effective, a classic pop song with a wondrous chamber feel where her cherubic tonality asks for at least some respite. It’s not exactly a love song for someone else, but for herself, where she seeks for some personal space caused by a relationship that is still fresh in her mind.

"Thinkin Bout You" is the latest single off of Anderson’s promising new EP, Lonesome No More, which is due out on October 12. Juan Rodríguez