IAN SWEET unveils new single “Hiding,” new album out 10/26

There’s nothing worse than ruminating on what you’ve done wrong. Those unproductive thoughts persist throughout IAN SWEET’s latest single, "Hiding," a mental exercise which songwriter Jilian Medford puts into elegant practice on the track’s artful music video. Medford constantly repeats "I forgot myself in you, you, you," which may imply that she’s referring to somebody else. But Medford is having a battle with herself, where she tries to figure out where or not it’s okay to accept things even if they’re not necessarily to her liking. And come to think of it, if Medford’s way of channeling this thought is through a scorching artillery of swift percussion and heavily-punctuated guitars, then that makes the self-retreat more than worth it.

"Hiding" is the first single off of IAN SWEET’s forthcoming LP, Crush Crusher, which comes out on October 26 via Hardly Art. You can also catch Medford perform at the Lodge Room in Highland Park on October 18.