Hotline share “10 AM” EP, plays Alphaville on 11.12

There is an alluring, melancholy feel to much of New York City based trio Hotline‘s music. Throughout their recently released 10AM EP a sense of longing and sadness can be felt. “Anywhere Else” leads off with an unadorned jangly pop enhanced by smooth, ethereal vocals. Atypical chord changes emerge, creating a bridge between the primary melodic progression. The universal theme of wanting to be “anywhere else” resonates with those looking to break out of their rut and just “go.” Angular, flowing arpeggios and busy snare drum rolls create the shifting undercurrent on “One Of Us”. However, more structured chords establish an instrumental break between verses, where a songs chorus frequently resides. Adding an extended over two minute open note instrumental coda sees the band dipping into early Sonic Youth territory. “Black Sequins” floats like a whimsical ride on some distant lazy river. Final cut “Soda Lime” moves with pace and purpose, capturing the thematic yearning running through the entire record. Hotline have two shows coming up, playing Alphaville on 11/12 with Wolf Diamond and Hygieia and then on 12/2 at Secret Project Robot. – Dave Cromwell