Hiding in “Dark Corners” with Valley Latini

A Brand New Electro-Pop Track for Your Troubles
Author: Willa Rudolph

Today, New York pop-electronic artist Valley Latini releases her moody new single and music video “Dark Corners” (directed by Kayci Rothweiler and Valley Latini, herself), which touches on and indulges in the fantasy that is Valley’s nightlife in New York CIty. The singer-songwriter-producer tells The Deli, “The song was inspired by going out in NYC and the different fleeting crushes that inevitably happen when you go out and party. The video was inspired by my real life– A self journalistic window into the dark corners of my mind.”

The video emulates Valley’s innermost thoughts on a night out, but is a kind of exaggeration, as the love interest is an amalgamation of all the crushes Valley might have on any given escapade. We follow Valley on a journey in and out of a few morally questionable love affairs, as she is magnetically drawn to certain people throughout her journey. Rain falls from the ceiling in the middle of her deliriously euphoric dream, and the visuals emulate exactly how your skin tingles all night.

Grappling with party culture, we watch as Valley flirts with, fights with, and dominates a business man and makes out passionately with a redhead – oh and then a brunette, too! Oh, and then a blonde. “Dark Corners” represents a “pick-a-night-any-night” experience in the singer’s life, where she follows a romantic disappointment with a hardcore night of partying, until she finally comes to her senses and chooses herself and her squad to spend her downtime with and her energy on.

Valley sensually whispers her chant as if on a disco track:

“You’re in my mind / I know that it’s so wrong
There’s no camouflaging / I can’t be in control
During camera flashes / got me hot and bothered
All this mutual massaging / it gave me hot flashes
One kiss landed / reprimanded

And empty handed / left me stranded

The electronic beat is groovy, gives 2000’s does ‘70’s, and makes you want to sway and twist on a dance floor alone like the emo kid you are, before you lay eyes on your fifth crush of the night and strike while the iron is hot!

My favorite part about making music is the process… I love being in the studio writing songs by myself and with fellow artists. I love being in the NYC music scene because it seems like a lot is happening in the city right now, and I love to be invited to all the fun parties and support my friends’ endeavors. I also love the options of venues that exist in NYC. There’s a venue for everybody,” Valley explains. “The release of “Dark Corners” is leading up to a larger release–most likely a second album is on the way,” she tells The Deli. And thank g-d for that!

Check out Valley’s video and her music now! You won’t regret it.

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