Gracie & the Valley release new singles in November ahead of LP

Gracie & The Valley have a sound like Sara Bareilles; light but cinematic, carefree while holding back a constant dread that threatens to bleed through the sheet music. Their latest single "Serotonin" speaks of chasing dreams and getting lost in the process; their upcoming tracks, which come from their soon-to-come LP Chrysanthemum, dabble in subjects just as heartwrenching. "Doorbell Dixie", which drops 11.02, speaks of nostalgic and unrequited love; "Did I Stutter", which follows on 11.09, chronicles an argument which showcases the vulnerability of love. Chrysanthemum releases on 11.16; Gracie & The Valley will mark the new LP with a show at The Basement. Take another listen to "Serotonin" below. – Will Sisskind