Gambler’s share their indie pop in debut EP “Corinthian Order”

After honing their skills through a variety of production work and live show appearances, Brooklyn indie pop-rockers Gamblers have released the debut EP Corinthian Order (streaming below). The opening title track makes use of retro Farfisa-style keys, plucked electronic sounds and unadorned guitar arpeggios as a softly sung tale of breakup builds towards its do-do-do denouement. “We’re Bound To Be Together” masquerades outwardly as a buoyant uptempo rocker with Strokes-style churning guitars and Beatles-eque harmonies. A dichotomy is revealed as those words of love are meant to reflect an addict’s blissful state while on drugs. “Heavenly Mouse Routine” leans on its forward march beat, buzzy synth texture and staccato plucked guitar to approximate the repetitiveness that afflicts humanity. “There Was A Window” builds off the bands’ hip-hop production roots with percussive underpinnings serving an otherwise lo-fi/slacker rock approach. Closing track “The Selfish Bell” initially rocks harder through its chunky drum beat, distorted electric guitars and snaking bass line; falsetto vocals depict scenarios of self-imposed limitations against an expanding, near prog-rock-like composition. The EP is available for ordering via itunes as well as streaming on spotify. – Dave Cromwell