GABI’s “opera pop” is a tour de force + will perform @ The Park Church Co-Op on 10.03

GABI is an artist that can be easily described with a quick descriptor, but it takes dedication to her music to fully appreciate how evocative and moving her compositions can be. While the “opera pop” tag on her Bandcamp page sufficiently describes her sound, taking the time to hear how this translates into a three-minute song can be infinitely rewarding, and her latest single “Sleep” highlights the simple grandeur of that experience. Utilizing relatively barebones instrumentation, including fragile synths, harps, clarinets and pianos, the track builds upon loops that evolve into almost celestial revolutions, like GABI is creating the universe by having the production orbit her masterful and heavenly voice. And instead of ending with a crescendo, the song simply fades once its reached its apex, concluding like a storm finally letting up. Her album Empty Me will release October 5 via Double Double Whammy, and you can catch her live at The Park Church Co-Op on October 3 and stream “Sleep” below. – Tucker Pennington