Course “I Called You Late Last Night”

Course has released the latest single, “I Called You Late Last Night”, from their forthcoming sophomore album, Tight Feathers, which is due out on October 20th.

“This was the first song I wrote on this album and I have been playing it live for a couple years more as a rock song,” said Course songwriter/singer/guitarist Jessica Robbins. “I knew I didn’t want it to sound like a rock song on the album and Kyle did an amazing job really getting what I wanted from this song and it’s definitely one of my favorites. This song is a vibe. You feel that calm, and everything is good. You’re with your best friend in a club. Or sitting at home. There’s also a sense of teetering on spinning out of control. But the whole world slows down and everything feels ok.”

For this album Robbins is joined by several talented musicians, and most notably vocalist Jamie Semel.

Photo Credit: Savannah Scruggs

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