Blue is the Coldest Color in Gun’s New Music Video for “Lovingly”

Words by Willa Rudolph

NYC mates & band members of local neu-metal / pop-punk / emo group Gun put out music video for their single “Lovingly” on Friday, March 29th.

Lead singer/guitarist Stavros Lari tells The Deli, “I had an initial idea to be walking around in the rain in a suit looking dour. I felt like that’s what the song was speaking to me, and then with the director Rich Imburgio, I expanded that to fit a narrative about the song’s lyrics. When writing and producing the song I was really inspired by the visuals from Marc Forster’s 2005 film Stay, so we tried to keep that aesthetic sensibility for the music video. We were also inspired by Joji’s “Slow Dancing in the Dark” and Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight (2008)– not the other ones, just her’s. Yeah the color blue was really the driving force behind the video, haha.”

The video follows Stavros and IRL GF Sofia Zarzuela on a lil’ sweet and sinister day date, as they drive around in a convertible getting up to no good. Switching between that and scenes of Gun playing under a dank and dark bridge or Stavros alone on train tracks, the “Lovingly” video does a perfect job of capturing the agonizing longing that comes with love. In a previous conversation with The Deli, Stavros explained that “Lovingly” is a dark love song about the feeling of insanity brought on by desperation. “It’s about yearning for the physicality of a lover when they’re out of your grasp.” 

Gun is Stavros Lari (vocals, guitar), Billy Hay (drums), Maria Lorraine Galebach (bass), and Aadil Mufti (guitar).

See our previous writeup about “Lovingly” here.

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