Beau goes full-on Bond theme on “Even If You’re Gone”

photo by Bosheng Li

 More than once I’ve seen Beau’s music described as “cinematic” and it’s an apt descriptor but with their most recent clutch of singles they’ve upped the ante even further, moving past the merely cinematic all the way to being flat-out “Bondian” to the extent it wouldn’t be surprising to learn the duo is on a secret quest to get one of their songs placed as the oepning theme song of the next Secret Agent 007 opus

…because their recent material is fully imbued with sense of the “epic grandeur” one expects from a good-quality James Bond theme (plus, Beau is likewise a single-syllable four-letter name starting with the letter ‘B’ so maybe this has been their game all along) with their three most recent single in particular starting off as slow-burning torch numbers before building and building to a point of emotional intensity that’s likely to tap into whatever’s caused your heart to ache lately or not so lately…

…but with any potential pain overlaid with an equally intense pleasure, given the duo’s way with a swooning, sultry hook like the one that arrives 37 seconds into “Even If You’re Gone,” before building up to an epic crescendo and riding off into the sunset with a final soaring chorus that easily outdoes any Bond theme written in the 21st century thus far so put that in your pipe and smoke it Adele, Billie, Alicia, Jack, Sam, Chris (RIP) and Madonna

…and it’s the gosh dang truth that I just now googled the song title and came across a Beau profile posted just yesterday by American Songwriter focused on “Even If You’re Gone” in which Beau’s Emma Jenney (the other half to musical partner/childhood friend/fellow lifetime New Yorker Heather Golden) reveals that the song’s working title was “The James Bond Song” which is something I honest-to-Allah had no knowledge of before starting this writeup so hey I feel vindicated even if it means The Deli got scooped by another publication oh well…

…but my point stands that “Even If You’re Gone” is hardly the only wistful, pining, seductive, hyper-emotive, fetchingly melodic song addressed to a seemingly mysterious, elusive, magnetic, hypnotically alluring one-time loverman who may or may not prefer his martinis shaken, not stirred, the duo have put out lately—just listen to “Hardly Breathing” and, well, “Loverman” above, the latter of which is especially sublime and can be found on Beau’s Forever EP from earlier this year and later released in remixed form

…and if you’re so inclined you can play Beau’s songs in tandem with the Bond opening credit sequences also handily posted above with the sound muted on the latter and tell me they don’t fit perfectly with the montages of silhouetted hotties and phallic gun barrels which is not to overlook that Beau’s own music videos which are already suitably cinematic with the video for EIYG in particular being an epic-in-its-own-right short film directed by one Alessandro Zoppis who even just by his name alone sounds like the next Albert Broccoli to me.

Beau’s next EP, Life Twice, comes out in September 2022. (Jason Lee)