Anti Social Camp goes public with “Vol. 1” of songs written/recorded in only hours by songwriting camp attendees

When you think about it pretty much all yr classic and not-so-classic summer camp movies whether comedy, horror, or sleazy sex romp share the same basic DNA with the standard dramatic scenario being a bunch of young people and camp counselors sequestered together in an isolated “anti-social” environment somewhere deep in the unreachable woods whether Camp Crystal Lake, Camp North Star, or Camp Ivanhoe

…and the resulting sparks that fly from bringing together a bunch of different social types/stereotypes that’d have little to do with each other otherwise (nerds, jocks, shy guys, slobs, basket cases, shrinking violets, prissy princesses, etc.) but who pull together as a band of misfits by the end of the movie to defeat their rival rich-kid-snob summer camp in a series of sporting events or defend themselves against a rampaging serial killers or take part in a good-natured contest to see who can lose their virginity first…

…and what else goes hand-in-hand with summer camp you may ask 🤔 why campfire songs of course the best of which share a “camp aesthetic” with an emphasis on upbeat, hooky melodies and memorable lyrics guaranteed to make you wanna sing along and speaking of summer camp soundtracks there’s a brand new one out just today tho’ not from a movie but from the world’s largest songwriting camp instead, namely, the Anti Social Camp held annually in New York City whose participants sequester themselves away for a full week…

…working collaboratively between different “social types” namely songwriters, producers, and performers who team up in a series of round-robin small group sessions to spontaneously write and record original songs on the spot in collaboration in a matter of hours which is essentially like reviving the glory days of Tin Pan Alley but with an emphasis on things like “team building” and “networking” which is how you know it’s the 21st century and how fun is that…

…with today seeing the release of a 13-track comp Anti Social Camp, Vol. 1 collecting some of the stand-out tracks emerging from last year’s camp as conceived and recorded by a small team of previously unacquainted songwriter-producer-performer combos—including a couple fronted by former DELI profileés Ernest Brockenberry and Kota the Friend—so basically like a “band lottery” but for more pop-oriented artist-performers so bear in mind as yr listening that each of the songs was written and recorded in a matter of hours (not that you’d be able to tell!) just as the Pop Gods intended cuz if there’s anything that’s anathema to a good “song of the summer” hit anthem it’s coming across as overly labored or deliberative…

…and just so you know even tho’ applications are closed for this year’s camp (the 4th annual) it takes place the week starting on June 10th also featuring a series of parties and workshops with big-time celebrities and “industry people” in attendance to offer advice and mentoring to the hundred ’n’ something songwriters, producers, and future pop stars in attendance and some major big-name sponsors as well which hey however you feel about big-name sponsors this is at least a fairly progressive example of sucking the corporate teat seeing as A-SC is free to all attendees—not to mention partnering with a wide range of local NYC venues and studios—what better cause could there be than giving a boost to a bunch of aspiring DIY musical talents (ok maybe a few causes but not too many) and don’t worry cuz even tho’ Anti Social Camp sometimes bills itself as “SXSW for songwriters” there’s no sponsorship from Raytheon or the US Army

…and with today being the first full day of spring we figured you’re ready for a little summer songwriting-camp action and if you wanna learn a little more about Anti xSocial Camp just peep the official press release below in slightly abridged form cuz it’ll give you the 4-1-1 on the event and its history and its aims and all that stuff more succinctly than we could with links to press coverage from years’ past tacked on at the bottom and then ask yourself á la the Meatballs‘ kids choir: “Are You Ready for the Summer?”


Anti Social Camp, the world’s largest songwriting camp, is excited to announce the arrival of Anti Social Camp, Vol. 1. This is the first official compilation album of songs created at Anti Social Camp, set to be fully released on March 20, 2024 via Amuse. 

The artists featured in this 13-song compilation span the gamut when it comes to sound, style, and genres explored at Anti Social Camp, as showcased in this week’s drop. Up first is a killer collab between Brooklyn electro/indie-pop duo French Horn Rebellion, and Montreal indie artist JORDANN titled “Superlover”, a funk-laced bop that radiates with warm alternative dance vibes in these last days of winter. “Paper Plane” by New York-based rapper and XXL Breakout artist YONAS makes an immediate impression with its unique fusion of pop-rap hooks and glitchy beats. On “Whatever’s Next”, singer-songwriter Ky Hollis delivers a lyrically poignant slice of indie-folk brilliance. Rounding out the new tracks is “Chase Me” by DJ/Producer INViDA and pop musician Gomey, a club-ready banger with ethereal vocal harmonies. 

“Anti Social Camp celebrates the age of collaboration in pop music,” said Danny Ross, founder of Anti Social Camp and BerkleeNYC professor. “Anti Social Camp Vol. 1 is our first official album and a dream realized. Amuse has given us invaluable support to curate and release 13 standout hits out of 100+ records made at Anti Social Camp 2023. Unbelievably, these songs were made in 4-hour sessions last June with complete strangers—now they’re ready to be heard across the world. Anti Social Camp is a vehicle to remind the music industry of New York’s legacy, and the significant pool of talent here ready to change the game. Now let’s get ready to make Volume 2 in June.”

Anti Social Camp will launch its 4th annual event June 10-15, 2024 in New York City. The camp has been featured in The New Yorker, Forbes, Billboard, Variety, and Switched on Pop. It’s like a SXSW for Songwriters, with 100+ recording sessions during the day and a packed calendar of concerts and parties each night in a global event that’s completely free. Alumni include Nile Rodgers, Moby, Andy Grammer, Kimbra, WALK THE MOON, Grace VanderWaal, X Ambassadors, JP Saxe, Rostam of Vampire Weekend, Rob Thomas, Madison McFerrin, Linda Perry, Kota The Friend, Alex Tumay, Tenille Arts, MICHELLE, Marian Hill, Ant Saunders, CID, Pom Pom Squad, Zach Hood and hundreds more.

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