Midgetmen + Who Again? @ Stubb’s

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Following what we’re calling the opening acts of Dinosaur Jr. and Built to Spill (they both show potential), Austin’s own Midgetmen will take the stage at Stubb’s this Saturday the 24th. You get in free with your ticket to Dino Jr./BTS. Some may call this an ‘afterparty’, but then again, some say "sofa" when they mean "couch". Some are just plain crazy.


Sacrificial Chumpsucker Diatribe

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Taking a cue from the old school Butthole Surfers’ titling playbook (Independent Worm Saloon, Locust Abortion Technician), our recent poll winners Sad Accordions have released unto the masses their new track, Sacrificial Chumpsucker Diatribe. If you’ve been paying attention, you know where they’ll be tonight. If you’ve been napping, well, scroll down.


Tiny Tin Champs + New Poll + New Releases

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In case you hadn’t noticed that large crowd of multi-instrumentalists occupying our top banner, allow me to call your attention to our most recent poll winner The Tiny Tin Hearts. Huzzah, kudos, and all manner of seriously outdated congratulatory terms to them. Tiny Tin Hearts will be at Lambert’s fine fancy BBQ this Saturday the 24th.

And, as usually tends to happen after a poll victory, we got us a new poll: Death Is Not a Joyride, Single Frame, The Boxing Lesson, The Lovely Sparrows, and When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth have all been nominated for your consideration.

In other developments, Luck, our CD of the month from Wiretree, drops today, and is joined by Fits, the new one from White Denim.

Peoplefood, Sad Accordions, Red Leaves will be up at 10, 11, and midnight, respectively, at the Mohawk this Wednesday. A trio of acclaimed Austin bands and Deli darlins.

So there. M. Ward never bought us a drink in Portland, so that’s a drink he owes us. If he feels that either the fact that A) we don’t know him or B) we never actually asked him for a drink is a legitimate excuse for this oversight, he obviously doesn’t understand our system of ethics. Which I would be happy to explain to him. Over a drink. 


Poll Heats Up: Tiny Tin Hearts vs. Quiet Company

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Reaching the end of our early October poll, and it’s definitely too close to call at this point. The Tiny Tin Hearts are making a late run at Quiet Company, and The Laughing (above, and also to be found tonight at Red 7) lurk not too far back (rope-a-dope strategy). They’re also one of two poll bands dropping an album today: the Red 7 gig is a release party for The Laughing’s LP Fever, and Rocket, from the Darling New Neighbors, goes national today. (Hand-crafted versions, the work of Adam Young and Jaime Cervantes, have been in the hippest hands in Austin since September.) You’ve got until midnight tonight (Thurs.) to get your vote in…


White Rhino Gives it to Ghandi

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We mixed it up a little for our new batch of questions with recent poll winner White Rhino, and hit them with all hypotheticals. The Rhino wasted no time and pulled no punches (they have a tour to get to). They’ll be at the Mohawk this Friday the 16th, where you can ask ’em yourself why they have no patience for Ghandi. Then they’re off to terrify the Southwest throughout October, and back for a Halloween gig at Creekside. Here are five straight shots of White Rhino:

1. If you could get one local guest star on your next album, who would you pick?


2. Give up coffee or give up beer?


3. You can travel back to 1955 and teach a local band one song: what do you teach them?


4. Ghandi comes to you in a dream, and says, hey, explain your music to me, what’s the point of it. What do you say?


5. What’s the best thing you could possibly hear from someone who just saw one of your shows?



After Parties are Fun Fun Fun

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In addition to the Local Music is Sexy showcase happening November 6th, Fun Fun Fun has announced some of the late night goings on that will be attached to their thrice-named festival. It’ll be thick with Austin bands, including the first two below, Octopus Project and Voxtrot, who will light up the Mohawk on Saturday night.

Saturday night:

Octopus Project
Twin Tigers

The Coathangers
Jazzus Lizard (Jesus Lizard jazz tribute band!!!)
Walter Schriefeld band

(10pm, $13)
Negative Approach
Christ On Parade
Trash Talk
Naw Dude
You People

(10pm, $10)
Soul Clap dance party
w/ Djs Johnathan Toubin & Ian Svenonius
and live set by BROWNOUT!

(10pm $5 before Midnight / $10 after)
DJ Mel
The Cool Kids DJ SET

(10pm, $10)
Jack Oblivian
John Paul Keith and the 145s
Lovvers (UK)

Youth Brigade hosts "Let Them Know: The Story Behind Youth Brigade and byo Records" Screening
MC Chris hosts a midnight screening of "Gremilins"

Sunday night:

($13, 9:30pm)
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead…
Dark Meat
An Albatross

($13, 9:30pm)
Free Moral Agents (featuring Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta)
Zechs Marquise (featuring Marcel Rodriguez Lopez of The Mars Volta)

(No cover, all ages, 10pm)
Karaoke Apocalypse
RnR and punk karaoke all night with a live band!

RED 7:
($10, 10pm)
Toys That Kill
the forgetters (Black Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil, Kevin of Against Me, Caroline of Bitchin’)
Ghost Knife
Smalltown (Sweden)

DJ Mixhell

($8, 10pm)
Easy Action
Black Tusk
Eagle Claw
and special guest!

Mission of Burma hosts "Not A Photograph" Screening


Champion Sad Accordions + New Poll

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 Sad Accordions

Some local accordions are, we presume, slightly less Sad this month, as they are now reigning up top as our current Artist of the Month. They fought off some ferocious challenges from SuperLiteBike and New Roman Times, and have emerged shiny and victorious. So big, capital C Congrats to Sad Accordions!

…and may I now direct your attention to the current poll, already in progress, featuring: Darling New Neighbors, Quiet Company, The Laughing, The Summer Wardrobe, and The Tiny Tin Hearts. Get yer vote in!


Pocketful of Daniel Johnston

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Is and Always Was arrives today, and along with it we thought we’d bring you some links to things of Daniel origin, such as (in addition to the above LP cover): Worried Shoes, off of the new Where the Wild Things Are film soundtrack (Karen O and the Kids), the Dr. Fun Fun Hi How Are You iPhone game, and the entire WFMU 1990 radio show during which Daniel Johnston performed “Speeding Motorcycle” with Yo La Tengo, among many, many other things.



Final Five Q’s: Golden Bear

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Catching up with one of our recent Artist of the Month poll winners, Golden Bear, in what will be the final installment of this particular model of the five questions. For our upcoming questions with White Rhino, we’ll put together something entirely new…right now I’m thinking feats of strength, although that may be difficult to translate to the magical internets. But that’s for another time. For now, five questions with Golden Bear:

1. What food item best describes your music?

Greasy cheese enchiladas.

2. What instrument have you wanted to include but have yet to find a way to fit into

your sound?

Live childbirth.

3. Embarrassing childhood memory?

Sea World ‘89 — Shamu splashed the hell out of me

4. What musical artist would you like to grab a beer with?

Paul Shaffer.

5. Time travel or space travel?


Golden Bear will play a benefit for CASA this December 5th; more details on that as it approaches…


Local Music is Sexy: Looking Ahead

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So, there’s some sort of a music festival in town this weekend, the name escapes me. But just to be contrary, we’re choosing today to look ahead toLocal Music Is Sexy, happening in about a month…and featuring: TV Torso,The Low Lows, International Waters, Watch Out for Rockets, Beautiful Supermachines, Air Traffic Controllers, Distant Seconds, Silent Land Time Machine, Black Before Red, Manikin, The Authors, My Milky Way Arms, and, according to the organizing force Austinist, “the Minor Mishap Marching Band will be performing between the Mohawk’s indoor and outdoor stage and Club Deville.” This goes down in conjunction with the Fun Fun Fun Fest, November 6th, 8pm to midnight, in the bermuda triangle of Mohawk indoor, Mohawk outdoor, and Club De Ville. We’ll remind you.

You might catch some decent local bands this weekend, too, otherwise it’s just no names like, you know, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mos Def, Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, Thievery Corp…



Poll Draws to a Close…

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Our current Artist of the Month poll will be wrapping up soon (midnight tonight), and this one has been a scorcher! Sad Accordions, New Roman Times, and SuperLiteBike have brought out the fans by the truckload; it’s good to see Austin showing love for these hardworkin’ locals. You’ve got about 12 hours remaining to get your vote in…

…and here, for your edification, is a quick summary of our nominees’ whereabouts for the immediate future: Low Line Caller will be on the Fun Fun Fun Fest Yellow Stage on November 7th; New Roman Times (pictured above) are in the Ghost Room (where you once found the Ginger Man) October 17th;Sad Accordions will hit the Mohawk along with Peoplefood on October 21st;SuperLiteBike will be at Momo’s on October 9th; and The Black and White Years – whose album Nursery Myths dropped 9/15 – are sitting in your apartment RIGHT NOW. No, not really: but they’ll be at the Mohawk 10/28.