Mako Sica

There is a thriving music scene here in Chicago that to many publications goes virtually unnoticed. However, on February 16th Mako Sica may begin to breakthrough. With Przemyslaw Krys Drazek on guitar and trumpet, Michael J. Kendrick on drums and Brent Fuscaldo on vocals, guitar, and various percussion, Mako Sika plays an experimental and free form psychedelic jazz and punk. They wholly embrace the freedom of sound and the power of exploration.

Dual Horizon is the bands debut album and it was recorded by Todd Rittmann (D. Rider) and Jim Zespy (Magnolia Electric Co.) at Logan Hardware. The session were recorded live and left untouched. The texture, the multi-layers, the echoing and searching is all their own. Side A of the album kicks off with the twenty track “I’toi”, a song named for a mythological Native American god who lives in a mountain cave and watches over the desert. The words Mako Sica come from a Sioux Lakota Native American term meaning, "land bad." This album is spiritual if you let it be, the form and nature is that free and ever-changing, but it is also an impressive display musical craftsmanship. You can preorder Dual Horizon here.