Two-Man Giant Squid leave trail of visceral musical viscera on sophomore LP

Author: Jason Lee

Hey *psssst*…do you like good music? We were just wondering. And do you also like anthemic dance-punk anthems? Anthems with herky-jerky rhythms? Catchy hooks? Churning rhythms? Impassioned, soaring versechoruses? And how about glistening, percolating synths? Hypnotically driving baselines and/or guitar lines that’re fist-pumping and lighter-waving in turn supported by intensely-driven-yet-still-in-the-pocket drumming?

And do you like rousing soccer-terrace type lyrical chants with refrains like “pain is not the answer, neither is the opposite” and “why don’t any of your lovers dance?” and “you’re trying to punish yourself” and “you’ve got all your life to live” sung-shouted by a vocalist (Mitch Vinokur) who may or may not be the lovechild of David Byrne and Win Butler with an emotional sensibility perched somewhere between your standard world-weary disillusionment and your standard ferociously-committed romanticism?

So the answer is yes! Great then, lemme just hand you this CD. It’s called Intro To Basement (Mint 400 Records) and it’s by a musical entity known as Two-Man Giant Squid. It’s only $10 but sorry we don’t have change so we’ll be glad to accept a sawbuck or a C-note even all in the name of supporting independent music and musicians. Oh and it comes with a download code too. So you can rip the mp3s right onto your iPod, erm, iTunes library, erm, iPhone or your Galaxy even.

And don’t worry, should you actually encounter a Two-Man Giant Squid on the street they’re actually quite gentle creatures and please don’t throw salt on them that only works on snails. In fact, it’s a little know fact that Two-Man Giant Squids mostly live in basements and alleyways and behind dumpsters…

…seeing as, let’s face it, their appearance make some people uneasy. I mean, it’s not every day you see an overgrown tentqcle-faced-hybrid-cephalopod-homo-sapien oozing along the sidewalk leaving a trail of mucousy discharge and bluish-black fluid in its wake. (squid ink…useful for writing lyrics!)

Which only goes to show how 2MGS are a band that doesn’t hold anything back (even mucousy discharge!) with a discernible talent for turning their internal viscera into a visceral attack on your senses–and your wallet-book–so what are you waiting for ORDER NOW!!!

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