Deli show in Austin with Fang Island, Delicate Steve, Tristen, Quiet Company + more. RSVP NOW!

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Deli readers,

The Deli will travel to Austin this year for the renown music fest, and we will also present a show together with The Musebox down there – not an official show, but one that will happen during the music festival. If interested in attending please RSVP HERE. Here are the details:

Venue: Lipstick 24 (606 E. 7th St. Austin, TX 78701), 18+
Saturday afternoon March 19, 2011


1.00 The Lines (UK)
2.00 Living Days (NYC)
3.00 Delicate Steve (NYC)
4.00 Kopeky Family Band (Nashville)
5.00 Fang Island (NYC)

12.30 Quiet Company (Austin)
1.30 R.G. Morrison (UK)
2.30 Adam Cohen (LA)
3.30 Tristen (Nashville)
4.30 The Rassle (NYC)

The Deli booked 5 of the 10 artists on this bill. We also booked 3 more bands at a separate show on Tuesday 03.15 (Tech Mashup Party):
Golden Ages (Philly), The Wandas (Boston), Kendra Morris (NYC). 7 of these artists were chosen from the ones that submitted through our system in January.

The Deli’s Staff

P.S. We’d like to thank in particular our sponsors Ascap and SoundToys, since their early support allowed us to organize this event.


The Tennis System’s Farewell Show This Friday!

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Say it ain’t so! The Tennis System are moving to L.A., and going out with a sonic bang this Friday March 4 at the Rock & Roll Hotel. Deservedly, it’s a sold out show, with Smith Westerns and Unknown Mortal Orchestra filling out the rest of the bill. We at the Deli just want to thank the Tennis System for an awesome year of noise, and wish them all the best on the next stage of their epic rock journey on the west side! –Dawn


The Suzan play Downtown Records party at The Studio on 03.04 with A-Track and Lissy Trullie

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Downtown Records was founded by ex major label exec and record producer Josh Deutsch. Clearly someone who knows the ins and outs of the music business (having done A&R for big artists like Courtney Love for example), Deutsch decided to branch out on his own and started Downtown in 2006. The label is celebrating their 5 year anniversary with a live show at The Studio at Webster on Friday March 4th with some of its most prominent artists, including Art Brut, Lissy Trullie and high profile guest DJ A-Track. The Suzan – a emerging NYC band we weren’t aware of – will be amongst the openers. This all female seems entirely composed of Japanese ladies and play some kind of percussive, almost tribal pop led by some powerful and theatrical vocals. Their show promises to be loud and fun.


I Hate You Just Kidding- new EP 3/1 + Show @ La Cave 3/3

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Listening to I Hate You Just Kidding is like drifting away into a mid-summertime daydream. Their new EP "I’m A Submarine" comes out tomorrow…a perfect way to ease into springtime. The harmonizing vocals of Jessi and Jeremy are sweet and soothing,  and the sounds of the tambourine, harmonica, banjo, and acoustic send you into a sort of folk fairytale. "Home" paints a picture of a vintage house with yellow walls and faded polaroids, with the lyrics "Your hands are more like home than some house could ever be". "Some Things Never Change" has a Brian Jonestown Massacre type feel. IHYJK’s full album is due out later this year. Check them out this Thursday at La Cave in Costa Mesa!
Jenna Putnam


The Future of the OX!?!

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We first heard about cops busting up 2 Piece Fest at the OX on Saturday night from a random message retweeted by Folkadelphia’s Fred Knittel from Omar‘s Nick Fanelli’s account stating, “Ten cops came to the Ox, ended two piece fest, and wrote down everyone’s drivers license numbers.” Well, one of our writers, Adam G., later learned from the Slutever ladies who performed at the fest earlier in the day that it was true.
Below are statements posted by the OX on their Facebook page early this morning:
“Dearest OX fans, please stay tuned for updates regarding the relocation of upcoming shows. We’re not prepared to make any official announcements regarding the future of the OX (mostly because we still don’t know ourselves) but we thank you all for your support!”
“And for the record, the organizers, bands, show-goers, EVERYONE who was there at Two Piece Fest was AWESOME. Much love to you all. NO REGRETS WHATSOEVER.”
Looks like another nasty hit for Philly’s DIY scene. We remain hopeful for the nice folks at the OX who have generously let us all into their home. But it’s definitely on the authorities’ radar now.
We feel ya: FUCKIN’ SUCKS!!!
The Deli Staff

Road to Bonnaroo Part 1 @ Mercy Lounge Tonight

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The time has arrived. Round One of Road to Bonnaroo kicks off tonight at Mercy Lounge with a crap ton of talent lined up to prove their Bonna-worthiness. This means Evan P. Donohue’s nerdy-chic retro rock, Courtney Jaye’s bubbly, sometimes country-tinged tunes, the glitchy hip hop of Chancellor Warhol, glam rock from Majestico, surfy indie rockers Heartbeater, funk-punk rockers Kink Ador, The Kicks’ southern pop rock and Tyler Bryant’s guitar chops. This is the first part of an extra-special trio of 8 offs, so come out and support.


Tonight at Mississippi Studios!

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Speaking of awesome things to do tonight for free. Radiation City‘s full length release is coming out for your analogue pleasure tonight! at Mississippi Studios. The Hands That Take You is ready for the grabbing, and the show is free at one of North Portland’s finest venues. Come one, come all, tell your mother. I think she might actually like these guys. 

Come dance with us!

Radiation City w/ Woolen Men and Support Force

Mississippi Studios

9pm, 21+ 



The Orion Experience: show with April Smith on 03.02 at Mercury

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NYC pop maestros The Orion Experience is having a show on Wednesday, March 2. Joining them will be April Smith and the Great Picture Show, who also had a recent single ("Songs For A Sinking Ship") released on February 23rd. The Orion Experience will be selling advance copies of their EP NYC Girl for $7 at the show (the EP will be officially released online on April 19th). The tracks included on NYC Girl are "NYC Girl," "Emerald Eyes," "Vampire," "Rollercoaster" and "Sweet Friend." On the EP, front man and songwriter Orion Simprini says that "We wanted to try something different…because we love disco as much as we love pop." Fans of The Orion Experience range from Lady GaGa to Rachel Ray, drawn in by the band’s irresistible hooks and catchy songwriting. The March 2nd show begins at 9pm and it is 21+. Tickets are available for $10 here.


The Deli’s Featured Artist(s) of the Month: Music for Headphones

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We had a chance to throw our get-to-know-you questions at Jonathan Allen, founder/songwriter of Music for Headphones. They recently won our bi-monthly fans/readers poll, and just released their latest Neu!/La Düsseldorf/Faust/Can inspired album Will someone please release their record in Europe already!?! Here’s some info below in case you wanted to learn more about Music for Headphones.
The Deli: How did the band start? 
Jonathan Allen: The band first started in 2000 in Athens, GA at the end of a previous band. Our guitar player was leaving in the middle of a recording project, and the drummer and I decided to make a record on our own. It was called Dreaming through this Coma Life, self-released via the internet in 2000. Shortly there after, we moved to Portland, OR, and the project never materialized as a live band. I ended up being a founding member of Portland’s The Upsidedown, but left before their debut record, Trust Electricity, came out on Reverb Records. At that point I switched my focus from performing to production. However, in 2005, I found myself in Philadelphia furiously writing spacey, droney, shoegazey songs reminiscent of Dreaming through this Coma Life so I brought back the Headphones name, and put a band together. Here we are six years later.
TD: Where did the band name Music for Headphones come from?
JA: During early mixing sessions for Dreaming through this Coma Life, someone in the mixing room mentioned the songs sounded like "music for headphones". As the project was yet to be named, we went with that.
TD: What are your biggest musical influences?
JA: Growing up in the early 90’s it was all about Sonic Youth, the Flaming Lips, and Mercury Rev. In 1997, I saw the Dandy Warhols for the first time that led me in the world of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3, and Spiritualized. My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain came after that. I am a huge record collector, and it all influences me. That’s a big part of why our sound is constantly evolving. If you have heard our latest record,, it’s clear I find Neu!, La Düsseldorf, Faust, and Can huge influences.  
TD: What artists (local, national and/or international) are you currently listening to?
JA: I am constantly listening to Neil Young, Luna/Galaxie 500, and the Ronettes. I love Screen Vinyl Image and Asteroid No. 4, so they both get a lot of play at home as do the Warlocks. I’ve been on a buying spree of early Factory Records releases, so I am getting into things like Swamp Children, and rediscovering how much I love A Certain Ratio.
TD: What’s the first concert that you ever attended and first album that you ever bought?
JA: The first concert I remember seeing was Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Who knows if that was the first, my parents were always taking us to concerts. The first tape I ever purchased was Guns ‘n Roses’ Appetite for Destruction in 1988, the first CD was in 1991, INXS’ Live Baby Live
TD: What do you love about Philly?
JA: I love the walk-ability of the city. It’s nice not having to drive on a daily basis. Clearly I love all the friends I’ve made here. There are some really great people in my life.
TD: What do you hate about Philly?
JA: The PPA. They actually stole my car. I got it back from outside of a chop shop.
TD: What are your plans for 2011?
JA: The third Sunday of every month we host an event called Fuzz Factory at Teri’s DinerBar (1126 S. 9th) that focuses on shoegaze, garage, ambient, experimental, and noise musicians. We just had our fifth event and looking forward to that continuing throughout the year. We should be heading out towards Chicago in late May and down to the DC area as well. We are trying to figure out how to get over to Berlin in the fall to support which is doing really well in Europe. Finally, we are going to start recording the next record within the next 6 weeks. Hope to have something new out by November.
TD: What was your most memorable live show?
JA: Probably opening for Spectrum at Johnny Brenda’s in 2007. We debuted a two drummer lineup and began the ultimate descent into kraut rock. Sonic Boom said we sounded like "a Stereolab mindfuck" and stole our sushi.
TD: What’s your favorite thing to get at the deli?
JA: Ha! Italian hoagie. Or the weekend preview.
The Deli Staff

Best of LA #33 The Fling, and #34 Michael Runion

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We continue our "Best of LA Countdown", this time covering two of the artists that made our Year Ends Best of LA Poll list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel, DJs, and our writers and readers).

The Fling should definitely be checked out by lovers of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or The Jesus and Mary Chain. They play soaring, melodic rock with surging guitars, pounding drumbeats, and a psychedelic undertone. Their songwriting is intimate and a bit on the dark side. They will be playing at The Casbah in San Diego on March 1st and 10th, and The Prospector in Long Beach on March 8th.

Michael Runion‘s soothing folk pop is easy on the ears. A master of the acoustic guitar and story-telling lyrics, it’s no surprise that Runion also has worked with other talented L.A. artists. Above is a video of "The Daylight", a sweet and romantic tune featuring Elizabeth Z Berg of The Like. Visit the main website for free downloads of his music, and check out his new band The Chances, where he is 1/3 of a soft and classic sounding folk trio.

Jenna Putnam