THE DELI DELIVERS: February 2023 mixtape


In the inspirational sports movie parody movie Blades of Glory (2011) Will Ferrell offers a memorable commentary on the Black Eyes Peas’ 2005 Grammy-winning (?!?!) single “My Humps” stating that “No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative; it gets the people going", a line memorably sampled by Watch the Throne-era Jay & Ye back before the former came to known as “Beyoncé’s husband” and the latter came to be known as “certifiably insane", but when it comes to “provocative” songs that’ll “get the people going” in 2023 we’d like to nominate “Rock God” by Madison, Wisconsin-based rock band Mickey Sunshine

…which instead of being about “lady lumps” is about the lumps ladies have oft taken in the realm of “cock rock”, a moniker used to refer to phallocentric rock music and/or rock music made by “cocks” a.k.a. selfish jerks a.k.a. Rock Gods, which may lead one to expect a granola-encrusted folkie lament about rock star narcicism and patriarchal privilege, to which Mickey Sunshine may maybe say “hold my Anheuser-Bush” cuz instead it’s a grunge-encrusted terrace chant punk rock anthem…

…with singer/lyricist Andrea Gonzales-Paul laying claim to the phallocentric rock god throne with a ribald refrain that can’t be reprinted in a family newspaper despite its clear satirical intent rooted in “good for the goose, good for the gander” foul-mouthed comeuppance–but you can listen to “Rock God” to your filthy heart’s content as part of the February 2023 “Deli Delivers” playlist alongside sixty-something other provocative songs released over that given month’s 28 days some of which you can play for your mom without blushing…

…and seeing as any February playlist is bound to get the short end of the stick—and seeing as it’s already 10 days into March tho’ if you followed the Deli’s instagram account you could’ve started listening to it a few days ago—we’ve included a few numbers released in the first few days of March and one from late January, to help compensate so go check ‘er out and enjoy three-plus hours of provocating musical madness from New German Cinema’s “Being Dead” to Pharmakos’ “Dead of Night” cuz we’re dead-ass sure this totally sick playlist is gonna become yr new unhealthy obsession… (Jason Lee)


Andrea Gonzales-Paul (@insufferablewomxn): vocals, rhythm guitar
Chris Di Bernardo (@dibsondrums): drums, ass-slaps
Skylar Nahn (@_sky_crowe_): lead guitar, feedback/noise
Tony Duvall (@thonyduvall): bass guitar

Produced by Logan Severson and Mickey Sunshine
Recording Engineer: Logan Severson (@loganseverson)
Mixing Engineer: Logan Severson
Mastered by Cam Frank (@camcamcamcamcamcamcamfrank)