Kiéla Adira “Respite”

Kiéla Adira has released the lead single, “Respite“, from her forthcoming EP, “Fool’s Croon”, which is due out on November 10th.

This comes just three month’s after the release of Adira’s debut EP, “Growth”, and when asked she had this to say about the new single and EP; “‘Respite,’ and the entire EP, has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and tap into a more vulnerable side of myself that I don’t generally display publicly. This beautifully written composition and story by Jeoffrey Arrington, on the surface is about seeking respite in a time of trouble, but goes much deeper into reflecting the complexities of a toxic relationship. ‘Respite’ is a track that I can play on repeat, uncovering something new with every listen.”

You can help her celebrate the release of her sophomore EP on November 10th at
Epiphany Center for the Arts.

Photo Credit: Nick Moody

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