Tryst Live At Nitecap

I bring to you, fair reader, a local metal act with a lot of potential. I had the distinct pleasure of getting to see up-and-comers Tryst at Nite Cap recently and was really interested in seeing what they could do. Unfortunately, in this city and with a good deal of metal scenes, it’s usually hit-or-miss with the bands you might see on any given night. This night offered up local act Tryst, who were decidedly a hit. With a sound that really runs the gamut of metal styles, it was a treat to hear a group that could really lock in on any style they wanted. As opposed to some bands that lock in on a style before developing an overall sound, this definitely boosted their appeal. Running the gamut from sludge to black to thrash metal, Tryst put on quite the show. Unfortunately for them, Nite Cap’s sound-engineer doesn’t know what he’s doing. Plagued with feedback, an inability to make out the bass-line unless standing in front of the bassist and a general muddiness of guitars, this really dampened my experience.

When audible lead singer Jezzibel gives an enthusiastic performance and lends not only her natural singing voice but her brutal scream to the overall sound. Having only heard a handful of "real" metal bands with female vocalists, I wasn’t sold at first. Jezzibel’s ability to shrug off nerves or fatigue and power through her set while engaging her audience is commendable. Bassist Tony is a real talent and was, as I found out later, sick as a dog during his set. You couldn’t tell, not once, that he was tired or anything but amped about being on stage. New member, Mario, added a good handful of shred to the band’s already overwhelming ferocity. Guitarist Phil and Drummer J-Sin were a tight rhythm section, never stopping to keep the driving melodies moving. During the close of their set they threw down with a well-done cover of Fear Factory’s "Replica" and I was suddenly 16 again. I rushed up to the stage and instantly began thrashing as hard as I could, you know, while I gingerly removed my glasses. So do keep your eye out for this wrecking crew, as they’re likely to come ripping through your ‘hood soon. – Ben Kessell

Sounds like: Walls of Jericho, In this Moment, Nightwish.