The Deli’s DIY Live Listings: 11/30 – 12/5


This is a weekly entry that highlights some of the artists who posted their upcoming shows in our show listing section (right hand side column of this page). Any band can promote their show in The Deli’s DIY Live Show Listings section for free.

Monday 11/30: Xpia, Girls on Fire, and Veesugee @ Springwater

Wednesday 12/2: Absinthe Junk @ The Rutledge

Thursday 12/3: Max Beizer, Carswell, Blessing Offor, and Denitia Odigie @ Dan McGuinness

Friday 12/4: Heartbeater @ 5 Spot

Saturday 12/5: Vermicious K’nids, H-Beam, De Novo Dahl, and Evan P Donohue @ 5 Spot

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