Thanks to our Jurors and Staff!

Burlington, Boston, Providence, Portland and the rest of New England wouldn’t be known for its stellar, incomparable music scene if it wasn’t for the men and women behind the curtains. They are sound engineers, promoters, tour managers, journalists and people who work in our beloved clubs. I thank them for their hard work and their willingness to participate in Deli – New England’s first yearly poll.


Adena Harford – Writer and Founder of the Deli Burlington

Alex Budney – Nectar’s/Metronome 

Autumn Pincus – Tour Manager

Clay Fernald – Middle East Nightclub

Dan Cardinal – Ample-Fi Recording

Mark Kaye – Hear Now Live

Paddy Reagan – Angioplasy Media/Monkey House

Randi Millman – TT the Bear’s Place

Ryan Spaulding – Ryan’s Smashing Life

Susan Scotti – Club Passim

I am amazed, flattered and proud to see how well the site has been doing and the fanatic support from the New England music scene and the great writers I have on staff. And most importantly I thank the musicians for their music.

–Meghan Chiampa and The Deli Staff