Joy Rides

An underground rock icon and revered artist, the late, great Wesley Willis attracted and offended people the world over. Wesley Willis’s Joy Rides follows the life of the prolific and controversial artist on his journey from obscurity to fame. On December 8th, this film, which won the Gold Hugo for the Chicago Award at the 2008 Chicago International Film Festival, will be released on DVD by Eyeosaur and MVD Visual. His story is inspiring and illustrates how though determination we can overcome almost anything. Wesley Willis became an underground rock icon, revered artist and hero to many before his untimely death in 2003. Termed by some as an “outsider artist” due to his schizophrenia, the film examines Wesley’s ability to draw people in despite his intimidating facade.

A free screening on Joy Rides is taking place on Dec. 6th at Empty Bottle at 7pm.