Interview: Scotia Widows

Back in the day, which I guess wasn’t that long ago, I was obsessed with punk music. Something about the power chords and snarling into a microphone really caught my attention in high school and although my taste have changed, the love is still there. NoVo Arts is supporting music of all sorts with their Girls in the Garage showcase at Lincoln Hall and hasn’t forgotten the ladies of punk. Scotia Widows has the beautiful but deadly Gina Knapik rocking the mike at the show, representing all that is feminine about the genre. We recently chatted with Knapik about the upcoming show and her thoughts on music.

The Deli: There’s a pretty diverse group of girl bands playing this show, from pop to punk. How do you feel Scotia Widows fits into the show?
Gina Knapik: Well, I feel that is pretty obvious. It’s a showcase featuring women musicians and I have boobs. Also, I’m friends with a bunch of the gals playing so playing the show together is an excuse to hang out. Although all of our music is different, I appreciate what everyone is doing.

Deli: How did you hear about the Girls out of the Garage show and get involved?
GK: I’ve known August for many years through the different bands I’ve played in. He contacted me to ask if my other band, Venom Lords, could play. We are on a long break and I suggested Scotia Widows because that is the band I have been playing with the most these days. And as I said before, I’m friends with a bunch of the ladies on the bill and I’m excited to play with them!

Deli: As a huge punk fan (especially of the the Adverts) I have to ask, how does it feel being a woman in a genre that is considered very masculine?
GK: Hmm, I don’t really think of punk as masculine. I am no authority on the genre. I mean, it’s not a boys club. I joke about holding the guys coats, but sometimes I make Kirk hold my purse too. I have a picture to prove it. Ok, I tricked him and it only happened once.

Deli: You recently released your demo and it’s been getting a lot of good feedback from locals. What was the inspiration behind your style, form, and content on the demo as well as the decision behind making it free to download?
GK: Boredom, reality television, mangled birds, rumspringa, the History Channel and beers inspired us. As for our demo, our drummer David recorded us in his basement. I think it cost us however much the pizza cost that night. I hope we didn’t make him chip in. Anyway, it hardly cost us anything to record and we would like as many people as possible to hear it. We’re not in this to make money. So spread it around!!! We’d love to record again and take our time and have some small label put it out for us. We did that demo quick.

Deli: Sometimes I hear from girls who are in bands that it’s hard to get along with a bunch of guys, especially if you’re fronting the band. Have you ever had problems with that in Scotia Widows or any of your other bands?
GK: No way. All the guys I have been in bands with have been my friends…and…not jerks. If I was in a band with a bunch of guys that I didn’t get along with…I would not be in that band. That goes for girls too. And actually…I used to think it was harder to be in bands with girls because of boyfriends and all that drama, but then I realized all that jazz is not gender specific.

Scotia Widows’ latest demo is available to download here. The Girls in the Garage show is Thursday, January 28th at Lincoln Hall and also features the Wanton Looks, Leslie Hunt, and the Maybenauts rocking the mike in support of femininity. The show stars at 8 pm and tickets costs $10. – Amy Dittmeier