In Tall Buildings @ Bottom Lounge

Over the last few years Nomo has gained a solid reputation for pushing the boundaries between instrumental rock, afro-beats, and jazz. Their sound is playful, inventive and always soulful. Recently band members Erik Hall and Elliot Bergman decided to strip back a couple of the sonic layers from the Nomo sound and add some calming vocals. The resulting band is called In Tall Buildings, and they have some of the key Nomo elements at times, from trumpets to tropical rhythms, but their sound in rooted more soundly in folk music. The duo has recorded their debut album and it was recently announced that it will be released by Chicago’s Whistler Records in March, 2010.

If you love the eclectic nature of Nomo, but also enjoy gentle vocals you should check our In Tall Building at Bottom Lounge on Dec. 11th with Cains & Abels and Brooklyn’s Cavalier Rose.