Final Five Q’s: Golden Bear

Catching up with one of our recent Artist of the Month poll winners, Golden Bear, in what will be the final installment of this particular model of the five questions. For our upcoming questions with White Rhino, we’ll put together something entirely new…right now I’m thinking feats of strength, although that may be difficult to translate to the magical internets. But that’s for another time. For now, five questions with Golden Bear:

1. What food item best describes your music?

Greasy cheese enchiladas.

2. What instrument have you wanted to include but have yet to find a way to fit into

your sound?

Live childbirth.

3. Embarrassing childhood memory?

Sea World ‘89 — Shamu splashed the hell out of me

4. What musical artist would you like to grab a beer with?

Paul Shaffer.

5. Time travel or space travel?


Golden Bear will play a benefit for CASA this December 5th; more details on that as it approaches…