Enter the Madness That Is Whales & Cops at KFN Jan. 28


Sometimes the band’s words just seem to describe them best.
WhAlEs aNd cOpS=New lifestyle music and hermetic philosophy from erstwhile MAN MAN components Tiberius Lyn and G. Clinton Killingsworth…”

”brick bats, kendo classes, the falls, cargo cults, the vaporization of elugelab, alone in the wilderness, hai karate egg monsters, candy-colored clown!, man-eating trees, prison burpees, freeman dyson, suave homeless assholes, riddling fucks, yukon cornelius, the leather apron club, batshit billy with a boing-boing, cold statues of bitches, pajama’d cong, bobby fever, fist fights on the moon, wind-up sushi, bog man, food from a wooden spoon, weird ear, swiss rib side panels, caesar mohawks…crouton earrings, you’re going to jail…BuBbLeTaPe LoUnGe”

I know. You’re intrigued, and so am I. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 7:30pm, $7, 21+ myspace.com/wearewhalesandcopsH.M. Kauffman