A Winter Block Party

If there was one dominate form of music in Chicago it would have to be Hip Hop. There are so many different forms and characters and even superstars, but Kevin Coval may see the scene a little differently than others. He is hosting Chicago Public Radio’s Winter Block Party for Hip Hop Arts. This special event will be an exhibition of style, mash-ups, collage, and conversation, demonstrating with living/breathing examples of how hip-hop has manifested throughout these fields and why cultural vanguards are pushing us all forward. Those in attendance will see hip hop not through bling, pro nails, and spinning rims, but through Dance, Visual Art, Literature, Political Organizing, Journalism, and more. An all day event combing the various elements of hip hop is sure to be an enlightening event for even the biggest hip hop fans.

It all takes places at Victory Gardens Biograph Theater on Sunday January 17th, and you can find more information at Chicago Public Radio website.