Winner’s Circle

Hey Champ has released a mixtape that is very aptly titled. Winner’s Circle finds the group basically recapping the incredible year they’ve had. Hey Champ received their big opportunity in the Summer 2008 when Lupe Fiasco took notice and took the group on tour. Over this past year they have been able to remix some biggest names and make noise on their own with “Cold Dust Girl”. They are truly approaching the “Winner’s Circle”. The magnetic cast of artists involved on this mix includes Mike Posner, The Cool Kids, Passion Pit, The Sounds, French Horn Rebellion, 80’s Kidz, Priors, and Moneypenny. With the recent disbanding of Lupe’s FNF record label, Hey Champ will continue to move forward and continue to energize audiences around the world while preparing their forthcoming, independently released, debut album in the Spring of 2010. In the meantime, Hey Champ encourages new fans to make their way into the "Winners Circle" where the band displays all of the creative shine that put them on blast in the first place.

Hey Champ will be playing at Metro on December 19th with Kill Hannah.