Weekly Special #183b: Blip Fest 2009 at Bell House Dec 17-19

Look UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT at Blip Festival 2009 and you might be awestruck by the lights and sounds surrounding you. This isn’t a vintage video game…this is all real.

Blip Festival 2009 is a festival celebrating the 8bit movement. Every year, people from around the world flock to New York to hear exhilarating music from nostalgic video game consoles (NES, Game Boy, Atari, etc.) accompanied by stunning (although rather "grainy") visuals. This year’s festivities will feature great local 8bit acts as Starscream, Nullsleep and Bit Shifter. The Festival will take place at The Bell House from Thursday, December 17 to Saturday, December 19. Tickets are $15/day or $40 for a 3-day festival pass.

I recently sat down with NYC musical artist Chromix and visual artist Jean Y. Kim. We talked about what one might expect from this year’s festival. – Read Nicholas Palumbo’s inerview here.