Today’s Free Week Selections: Great Nostalgic, Strange Attractors, Zookeeper, Wiretree + Goodbye Haunting Oboe!

Hard to pick just a handful out of the wild array of Austin bands out there tonight playing for the cuddly price of No Money Whatsoever, but here’s what’s making our feet tap today: Mohawk has a terrific lineup both inside and out, including Brazos, TV Torso, Great Nostalgic (that trio outside – worth braving the chill), Ume, Many Birthdays, and more. Strange Attractors play Red 7, the enigmatic Zookeeper graces the Parish along with Suzanna Choffel and the consistently underestimated Wiretree, Emo’s features what will be one of the last sets by Haunting Oboe Music (pictured above and soon calling it quits) + one of our recent Open Contest winners, The Eastern Sea. And you will soon be able to vote in our mega-mega Year End Poll. That’s quite a Thursday…there is also some sort of sporting contest happening tonight, which, whatever the result, works as a nice lead-in to an evening of free music. Get on out there.